‘I gave the entire wreck of myself to God’

Lavinia’s story | No more running

“I started running away from home at the age of four. My father was a very abusive man. At the time I was born, he was set on having a boy (and they already had an older girl), so from that moment, he rejected me. There was a lot of physical abuse, emotional abuse, and neglect. He would try to drown me. He gave my sister a pellet gun and told her to aim at me. It was the 70’s, and whenever I ran away from home, the authorities would find me and bring me back.

But when I was nine, my grandparents realised something was wrong and they took me to the police. I was made a ward of the state, and after that, I was in and out of institutional care. It was just survival. I became an angry, bitter teenager, without fear or any sense of consequences. I started shoplifting. One time I stole a car. I was only 16 and had no licence. Why would I care? I had no emotional attachment to anything. I wanted love, though, and I was promiscuous, which took me down a line of abusive relationships. I ended up living with a young man, who was divorced, with a young child. I was still under age. We became engaged, but it ended badly. I ran away again, desperately looking for some kind of answer.

When I was 17, my sister had already made a few attempts at suicide. I decided I would do it properly. Unless I could find meaning and purpose, I would take my life. But at the same time, I was living with a couple who had become Christians. Maybe I was a little softened, or open. The woman asked me if I would come and listen to a couple of singers who were performing at school.

I said, “Are they Christians?”

She said, “Yes.”

Instead of going to the school, I decided I would go and see what the church was like. People laugh when I say that now. Why did I do that? I think I was at my lowest point. And I was curious. I remember the Gospel story being told at the service. Hearing about Jesus – this man who walked the earth, who suffered as we do, who was crucified, and who died for our sins! I was so hurt and broken and angry.  I hated myself, and in that moment, something shifted. The preacher was speaking, and I wanted that love of God. I wanted that forgiveness. At the end of the service, I went to the altar and I prayed. I didn’t really know how to pray, but in my heart I gave the entire wreck of myself to God. I cried and cried. I asked Jesus into my heart. And God heard the cry of my heart.

It was a powerful encounter with God… and yet, the journey of knowing God, and forgiveness, was very long. It wasn’t an instant conversion. Even though people at church were welcoming, I felt like a misfit. They were a polished, happy family, and I didn’t really belong. But some years later, I discovered YWAM. Their motto was to know God and make him known. That’s what I wanted! So I went and stayed at their training centre in Brisbane. I told them I was a mess but they still took me in! And I finally understood what it meant to have a personal faith in God. It was spiritual heart surgery. I allowed my walls to come down. I had been forgiven in Christ, so I could forgive myself and others. It was still a long journey of healing! But I know that God can bring healing. I know how the story ends, and that one day, I will see my Creator, face to face! Somehow, through this messy journey, I have found Jesus. God has truly wiped the slate clean, and I don’t need to run anymore.”

“Surely goodness and mercy will follow me all the days of your life, and I will dwell in the house of the Lord forever.” (Psalm 23:6)

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