'I want to be a friend like that - someone who brings refreshment'

Christine’s story | Hats off to reaching out

“I love making hats. I’ve been doing it for a few years now. I choose the fabrics carefully and I never make two the same. I’ve made over 1000 hats! But it’s more than the hats themselves. I love going to the markets and meeting people.”

“Women come up to my stall, and they talk to me about hats and I suggest colours. They look in the mirror and they feel beautiful. One lady was buying a scarf hat for her daughter who was going through chemotherapy. I cried with her. Another customer told me about the drought in Australia and how hard it’s been. I think that the hats and the conversation are a bit of refreshment.

“My favourite verse in the Bible is actually about refreshment. It’s in 2 Timothy 1. Paul was in prison, and because of that, many people in Asia had deserted him. But his much-loved friend, Onesiphorus, didn’t desert him and Paul wrote this about him – “He often refreshed me and was not ashamed of my chains.” (verse 16)

“I love that verse. I first read it 25 years ago and I’ve always wanted to be like Onesiphorus. I want to have friends like that, and I want to be a friend like that – someone who brings refreshment. And I think that the hats and the conversations are refreshing.

“Usually, when I’m chatting with customers at the markets, I tell them about how much I enjoy making the hats, and that I feel blessed, and grateful to God for the opportunity. Then they ask me if I’m a Christian, and I say yes, and then we talk about Jesus. Sometimes I pray for them. And then they come back and find me at the next market. It’s great!”

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