Children's ministry Quiz Worx thought COVID would (just about) stop their work. It did not

When children’s ministry Quiz Worx put their COVID-era videos online they would have been pleased if ten churches found them useful. Instead more than 500 churches and 800 families, from more than 30 countries, have already signed up for the free resources, known as Quiz Worx Home Delivery

Quiz Worx is a ministry where puppets help communicate the Gospel, so who better to interview?

When asked what the point of Quiz Worx Home Delivery was, Scruff the Dog, states: “It’s awesome! You can order all the choc-coated bones you like! And they deliver them straight to your door!”

MAtt, Creative Director of Quiz Worx, set the record straight. “Quiz Worx Home Delivery aims to bring the fun, energy and Biblical faithfulness that Quiz Worx live shows are renowned for, and package it in 5-10 minute kids’ talks.”

Launching on the Easter weekend, they have released a new video each week. The videos can all be found on YouTube. As a bonus, each kids talk comes with activity sheets, craft ideas, and family devotions for anyone who wishes to sign up. And it is all free.

“We have just started a new series working our way through the book of Acts”, says Gorton. “We’re particularly excited to work our way through this book, which reminds us that the Mission of the Risen King Jesus cannot be stopped!”

Popular children’s entertainer, Colin Buchanan, makes a guest appearance in the Acts 3-4 kids talk video. “Colin’s great!” says Gorton. “And we were thrilled he could help us out. I think people will love it!”

People have been loving it, including church workers, parents – and a missionary in Ethiopia.

“We love that there’s something our kids get excited about when we tell them it’s time for church… we couldn’t be more grateful.” – Nathan, Dad from NSW

“We live in Ethiopia, so being able to introduce our kids to Quiz Worx where we can’t watch you live, has been awesome!”– Wayne, Missionary in Ethiopia

“These are really important for rural churches, we do not have the resources of the big churches. We are very thankful to you!” – Yvonne, Ministry Staff at Cootamundra Anglican Church

Although Quiz Worx would like to be back with audience members, Gorton reflects: “We all miss the live shows, and are really looking forward to them, hopefully soon. But we are also thrilled that we can partner with so many people, all around the world, through this time. I really hope and pray many people can be blessed through this.”

To register for these free resources, click here.

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