Eternity celebrates 100 editions

Church leaders offer congratulations on this milestone

It’s ten years and 100 editions since Eternity, Australia’s first national Christian newspaper, was born.

From humble beginnings on the dining-room table of Editor John Sandeman, Eternity has gone on to become a monthly publication which enjoys a readership of 300,000. Of course, it’s also become a daily online news service, with a monthly audience of up to 100,000. And last year, the Eternity team launched our first podcast With All Due Respect, hosted by Michael Jensen and Megan Powell du Toit, as well as our weekly video News Wrap.

As Eternity celebrates its 100th edition, Christian leaders across the country have expressed their congratulations. As we share these well-wishes below, the Eternity team would like to thank everyone who has supported us throughout the years – especially you, dear reader. We look forward to continuing to share the story of what God is doing in this country and around the world.

You can read our 100th edition here:


Keith V. Garner AM

CEO, Wesley Mission 

Eternity has served the Christian community marvellously for ten years, and as you celebrate your 100th edition, I send you my warmest congratulations on behalf of the large Wesley Mission family. May God continue to use Eternity as a tool for the Kingdom  for many years to come.

Very Rev. Fr Shenouda Mansour

General Secretary, NSW Ecumenical Council 

I want to congratulate Eternity for reaching a very important milestone of reaching 100. The real life stories of people makes Eternity relevant, authentic and engaging making the gospel contextual.

I look to the next 100 issues. May God bless the team at Eternity for the glory of God’s kingdom.

His Excellency General The Honourable David Hurley AC DSC (Ret’d)

Governor of New South Wales

Linda and I are delighted to convey our congratulations on the 100th issue of Eternity. As Patron of the Bible Society, I commend all those involved in its production, your thoughtfulness has provided an important perspective on current events to communities and churches across the Nation. In the pattern of ‘Mr Eternity’, Arthur Stace, you continue to encourage Australians to look beyond the temporal, to the enduring and eternal values of the gospel.

The Most Rev. Dr Glenn N. Davies

Archbishop of Sydney

I congratulate the publishers of Eternity and its editor, John Sandeman, on the publication of this 100th edition. An independent, intelligent voice in the Christian media is a welcome addition to the deluge of opinion that social media posts across our landscape. I commend it for providing informed comment and thought-provoking articles, which are vital for a vigorous Christian engagement with important issues.

Tim Costello

Chief Advocate, World Vision Australia

Congratulations to the staff and team at Eternity on your 100th edition. You have blessed the church greatly by keeping us informed, by sharing new perspectives, by modelling constructive debate in tumultuous times and by celebrating the breadth and depth of what it means to live for Christ here in Australia. Thank you.

Francis Burdett

CEO, Bible Society New Zealand

Congratulations Eternity on ten years of bringing the light and hope of the gospel message to people not only in Australia, but across the Tasman in New Zealand. Our prayer is that Eternity’s beacon will continue to shine brightly in our region for many years to come.

Paul Williams

CEO, British and Foreign Bible Society

Congratulations on your 100th edition! In the last decade, Eternity newspaper has resourced the Christian community in Australia by providing news, offering insight, encouraging reflection and stimulating debate. We thank you for your service and look forward to the next 100 editions.

Ezekiel Tan

General Secretary, The Bible Society of Singapore

Congratulations on reaching this milestone! We are deeply heartened by your vision to unite and encourage Christians to be credible witnesses in society, and pray that God will multiply the fruits of your labour!

Darlene Zschech

Senior Pastor, Hope Unlimited Church

The beauty of the written word, crafted by passionate Christ-focused people, is indeed a rich gift to us. Thank you to Eternity … 100 is just the beginning … but at a whole deeper level!

Brian and Bobbie Houston

Global Senior Pastors, Hillsong Church

Stewarding sharing the good news of Jesus is the greatest honour and responsibility. Publishing 100 editions is a milestone to be celebrated and we congratulate the entire team at Eternity for keeping the gospel central, and encouraging readers of our great nation to do the same.

Stu Cameron

Lead Minister, Newlife Church

For the last ten years Eternity has provided an invaluable service to the Australian Christian community – reporting without fear or favour concerning gospel and social issues in our nation. We are better informed and equipped as a result. Congratulations!

Kamal Weerakoon

NSW Presbyterian Church  Moderator 2018-2019 

We do not live our Christian lives on our own. We are part of the worldwide family of God’s church. We need news about that global family so we can rejoice with those who rejoice, grieve with those who grieve, and always pray for each other. Congratulations, Eternity News, for 100 issues; here’s to many hundreds more.

Michael Frost

Missiologist and author

Congratulations to John Sandeman and Eternity News. 100 editions in ten years is a huge achievement. And well done, Bible Society, for supporting such an important venture.

Guy Mason

Lead Pastor, City on a Hill

I am thankful to God for the great work the Bible Society do through Eternity magazine. Congratulations on reaching this significant milestone. Praying you continue to make known the beauty, truth and relevance of Jesus.

Scott Monk

Novelist and journalist

When centenarians are asked what’s their secret to longevity, most say it’s eating well, laughing every day or not smoking. As Eternity celebrates its 100th edition, its answer is clearly: be relevant.

Karl Faase

CEO, Olive Tree Media

Congratulations to Eternity magazine, John Sandeman and the Bible Society on the 100th edition of Eternity magazine. The magazine has become a leading site for news, discussion and interaction for the Australian church. Eternity maintains a biblical worldview while being able to profile a range of theological and philosophical positions. In a world where social media and many mainstream media outlets are positioned and dominated by opinions rather than reporting, the balance and fair-minded editorial stance of Eternity is sorely needed.

It is my hope that Eternity will continue to flourish as the Australian church and the wider community is well served by its presence.

Dr Brian Rosner

Principal, Ridley College

Quality journalism, thought-provoking articles, good news stories along with a smattering of controversy, reaching a national audience. Thank God for Eternity! And hearty congrats on notching up 100 editions!

Gordon Preece

Director, Ethos: EA Centre for Christianity & Society

It may not be an eternity, but ten years is a long time in Christian publishing in Australia. Eternity newspaper has made a considerable contribution to evangelical conversation and mission across the country. Congrats to John and the team
and here’s to another decade.

Phil Pringle

Senior Pastor and Founder , C3 Church

Big Congratulations Eternity News on turning 100! What an outstanding achievement! Love reading your articles. Such a positive impact on the church here in Australia. Thanks for all you do.

Pastor Ray Minniecon

Former Inaugural Chairperson, Sydney Anglican Indigenous Peoples Committee

Eternity magazine fills a deep void in Christian stories within our nation. Your magazine helps us to connect with those everyday Christian stories. Congratulations on achieving its 100th edition. Praying you will continue to provide this vital media service.

Dale Stephenson

Senior Pastor , Crossway Baptist Church

Congratulations to Eternity magazine on your 100th edition. 100 times over you have both encouraged the Christian community and given thought-provoking, Jesus-centred material to the open-minded. Many lives have been touched by your work and eternity will ultimately demonstrate your impact.

Kara Martin

Lecturer, speaker and author of  Workship 1 & 2 

Congratulations to Eternity for this significant milestone, and especially John Sandeman for his vision and tenacity.

Eternity magazine is the most important way evangelical Christians receive news and commentary. It also provides opportunities for Christian writers and influencers to hone their craft and shape ideas. This media source ensures the Australian Christian community is informed, Jesus-shaped and focused on the eternal consequences of what we do.

Naomi Reed

Author of My Seventh Monsoon

Congratulations to the Eternity team! You have consistently provided us with a wide range of gospel-oriented news, even when it would have been easier to stay in bed, or remain silent. Thank you. Keep writing!

Dominic Steele 

Lead Pastor and Founder, Village Church Annandale, Sydney and Christians in the Media

John Sandeman and I were having lunch in the North Annandale Hotel in December 2008. John had just been retrenched by Fairfax after 25-plus years.  I looked at him over the pub lunch and asked “What are you going to do?”

He smiled, looked around to make sure that no one could hear him, and then whispered, “I think I am going to start a national Christian newspaper.”

Now, if anyone else had said that, I would have laughed.

But Peter Christopher, former chief of staff of the Sydney Morning Herald, had said to me once that “John Sandeman has taught me more about newspapers than anyone else.”

I didn’t laugh. But in similar hushed tones replied, “Well, tell me more.”

And on the back of a pub napkin John started to map out a plan.

Although Eternity was born on John’s dining room table, it learned to walk in our church office in Annandale. It was running on such a shoestring that for two years it shared a PO box with our church, before joining up with the Bible Society.

Congratulations to John and the Bible Society on ten years of Eternity.

And praise God for John’s vision and tenacity!