'It will be loud and joyous' - Perth's Easter Sunday Parade to make some noise

On Easter Sunday in the centre of Perth, you are going to hear a joyous noise from a procession of people wanting to publicly praise their ruler.

But this is no political rally, Premier McGowan. The Perth Easter Parade is all about celebrating the resurrection of Jesus Christ, the messianic man raised back to life more than 2000 years ago and still worshipped today.

“We make this very clear to all those who seek to participate in the event – this gathering is not a quiet one. It will be loud, it will be joyous, it will be intense, because we are declaring that Jesus is King!” says Adrian Liew, Event Director of the Perth Easter Parade.

Established 25 years ago, Perth Easter Parade was revived five years ago after it had been waning. Led by the southern suburb church Evangel Christian Fellowship, with guidance from Christian groups Awakening WA and Fusion Australia, this annual outdoor festival of music, prayer and proclamation brings together Jesus followers from all walks of life.

“One of the great things about this event is that it has brought together churches from different denominations across Perth including Baptists, Pentecostals, Uniting Church, Salvation Army and more,” Liew tells Eternity. “Each group puts aside theological differences to proclaim the hope and salvation of Jesus to the City of Perth.

“The growing number of churches and organisations that continue to join this movement have one thing in common – they recognise the importance of the churches being united to declare Jesus publicly, especially during Easter.”

Due to COVID restrictions, this year’s Perth Easter parade has had to scale back its parade elements. Previous years have seen groups of revellers “blasting praise music” as they sing and wave banners and flags through streets and malls in the CBD, before meeting at Wesley Uniting Church on William Street.

Starting at 2:30pm this Sunday afternoon at Council House Gardens near the Swan River and Government House, the gathering will stay put to hear a gospel message preached to all around, before various Christian leaders pray for their city and communion is shared.

Liew enthusiastically recommends that other Australian cities or towns hold their own Easter parade of praise. Having been inspired by the similar Sydney Easter Parade (previously held on Easter Monday in the CBD’s Hyde Park), the Perth Paraders love how the Easter Sunday event unites Christians while sending a clear message to their city.

“Our hope is that our society in Perth will know that our Lord Jesus Christ is indeed alive and that His power is working today. We want to send a message of hope to our city that there is an answer and it’s found in one name only – Jesus.”

Perth Easter Parade

In terms of impact, Liew offers two stories of the way the Easter Perth Parade has made some noise for Jesus. Five years ago, the first revamped Parade was an unknown quantity. How many people would be in Perth’s CBD on Easter Sunday to even hear or see it?

“When the parade procession turned the corner to enter Hay Street Mall, there were people lined up on both sides of the mall with their phones out taking pictures as they could hear the sound of praise and worship getting louder and louder,” says, who also had reports of people in nearby carparks lifting up their devoted hands to God.

“Another year,” continues Liew, “We had a ‘Satanist’ riding a bicycle around our event carrying a trident and shouting that he was going to cast a curse over us.

“After the event, he came and chatted to our team members and mentioned that he wanted to speak things over us, but ‘something’ was stopping him.

“We then got the opportunity to share the love of Jesus with him.

“Darkness is no match for the light of God.”

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