Singing is back in churches in NSW

In news to sing about for churchgoers in New South Wales, Premier Gladys Berejiklian today announced the lifting of restrictions on singing in places of worship.

Berejiklian said that this latest easing of COVID-19 restrictions – which comes into effect from midnight on Monday, March 29 – also includes the end of mandatory mask-wearing on public transport.

“You will be able to dance and sing in any environments, including places of worship,” said the NSW Premier during the announcement.

“There will no longer be any restrictions on weddings and funerals … [and] you will be able to have as many people in your home as you can.”

All venues will also move to the two-square metre rule.

Many Christian leaders and churchgoers have been vocal about their opposition to singing restrictions, particularly in light of sporting and entertainment venues not having the same limits placed upon them.

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