Thousands of kids will get really good news this Christmas 

This special gift is free for all. That’s right: Free!

As part of its 200th anniversary celebrations, Bible Society is giving away over 70,000 children’s books telling the “really good news of Christmas”.

Each year, many Christians search for a fresh way of retelling the good news of Jesus’ birth to family, friends, and visitors in their church communities. The Really Good News of Christmas book aims to do just that.

“Christmas is gift-giving time, and Bible Society is delighted to offer a ‘really good’ gift to all Australians – the true story of Jesus,” said Bible Society Australia’s CEO, Greg Clarke. “Many Aussies now have never heard it. We trust it will be a blessing and a joy to hear.”

The Really good news of Christmas

The Really good news of Christmas BSA

Artist Emma Randall has woven the words of poet Dai Woolridge into colourful illustrations, aimed at children aged 5-7.

In some ways reminiscent of the popular Jesus Storybook Bible (written by Sally Lloyd-Jones), the story gives a broader overview of the Bible’s teaching than the typical recounting of the nativity story. Beginning with the “Creation” events recorded in Genesis, the book covers the emergence of sin and the breakdown of humanity’s relationship with God, their creator:

“But the humans he made, just like you and like me/Were all nasty and mean, quite unfortunately./They’d thump and they’d punch and would not make amends/And so God and his people were no longer friends.”

The book then sets up the promise of a Saviour, and follows with the Christmas story. A recurring refrain captures attention and drives home the point of the Christmas message: “We bring good news/It’s really good – honest!/There’ll be a baby born/ Just as God promised.”

The book goes on, revealing, “Well it didn’t end there/Because Jesus the man/Was the really good hero/Of God’s rescue plan,” and follows with an account of Jesus’ death and resurrection.

The Really Good News of Christmas is available for free to both individuals and churches. Individuals can register to receive up to three copies of the book for free, while churches can order in bulk for their Christmas outreach.
Churches can sign up for copies of the book here.

Individuals can sign up for copies of the book here.

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