Mum attack on Safe Schools goes viral

“I got really, really angry. I had to do something!”

Nature is replete with tales of females protecting their cubs. Stories of people being ripped to shreds by a lioness doing her thing, abound. Well, when one Melbourne mother felt her young was being threatened, she took to Facebook.

Marijke got so angry when she saw and heard what the ‘Safe Schools’ programme was teaching her young children at school, she posted a Facebook video under the banner of “Political Posting Mumma”. If you have not seen the video, where have you been? It has had more than 4,300,000 views, garnered more than 15,000 comments and has been shared at least 65,000 times. If this was pay-per-view, she could almost be rich!

“I got really, really angry. I had to do something!” Marijke told Eternity, speaking with her after a somewhat lop-sided report in Melbourne’s The Age newspaper – which she claims badly misrepresented her.

“The reporter never spoke to me” said Marijke, “and then she ‘accused’ me of being a member of the Liberal party!” Marijke claimed that The Age journalist inferred such membership made the comments in her video invalid.

Marijke “was given the brush-off and dismissed” by the school.

Marijke only joined the Victorian Liberal Party after making the video, to see the Safe Schools programme banned from schools. Oddly enough, The Age reporter failed to declare her own potential conflict of interest, having won accolades from the LGBTI community for her own activism on their (and her own) behalf. Bias, it seems, only applies to one side?

As can be heard on her video, Marijke went to her children’s school with questions when they came home telling tales about hyper-sexualised sessions as part of ‘Safe Schools’. She told Eternity that she “was given the brush-off and dismissed” by the school.

Marijke began to do her own thorough research and she got even angrier. What she said that she discovered included students making plasticine models of vaginas – not for biology lessons or even health education, but for ‘Safe Schools’. Marijke also was told about the graphic instruction of masturbation, in a mixed classroom full of giggling 13-year-old boys and girls.

“I am shocked by the level of ignorance in the community about this programme.” – Marijke

“I looked at the definition under law of ‘grooming’ and if any adult did this in any other setting, police would be called, for this is clearly grooming,” Marijke told Eternity. Grooming children is the practice of preparing them to engage in sexual activity without any parental oversight or involvement. Marijke is not suggesting this is what teachers want but she alleges it is what the controversial programme itself does.

“With Safe Schools, you cannot opt in, you cannot opt out. You have no rights; parents are kept in the dark. Ask questions and you risk being mocked, your children being ostracised and seen as odd”. Marijke went on to say that her children have not been negatively impacted, possibly because they have moved schools.

“I am shocked by the level of ignorance in the community about this programme,” Marijke continued. “It is time for parents to get informed, to stand up and speak up for their children.”

Also featuring an interview with Marijke, Mark Latham’s Outsiders’ show this week features a live recording of a ‘Safe Schools’ session involving masturbation instruction.

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