Ed Sheeran headlines Ukraine fundraiser

Ed Sheeran is headlining a concert tonight, in partnership with Australian-based charities, to raise funds for Ukraine.

The event will be broadcast on ABC TV Plus from 8.30pm onwards, featuring Ed Sheeran alongside Manic Street Preachers, the Kingdom Choir and Camila Cabello.

All money raised will go towards the Ukraine appeal of the Emergency Action Alliance (EAA) – made up of 15 Australian-based charities that specialise in disaster response and humanitarian aid. These include many Christian organisations, such as Baptist World Aid, CBM, Anglican Overseas Aid (Anglicord), Tear Fund and Caritas Australia.

The funds raised tonight will complement $2 million that the Federal Government have contributed to support EAA’s Ukraine Emergency Appeal.

“A refugee crisis is an inevitable outcome of tragic conflict, and this is a creative and unified response from members of the Emergency Action Alliance to support Ukraine,” says Melissa Lipsett, CEO of Baptist World Aid.

There are currently over four million displaced people who are seeking safety and facing a lack of access to necessities. EAA have outlined what various gift amounts to their Ukraine appeal will achieve on the ground: $55 can provide essential hygiene supplies for three people for one month; $75 can provide blankets for four families; and $300 can provide emergency food relief for two families for six weeks.

Viewers can donate money throughout the evening online through emergencyaction.org.au and via phone on 1300 939 000. Viewers will also be able to see the concert on ABC iView for 30 days after the broadcast and continue to donate after the event has finished.