‘World first’ audio Bible voiced by women

Spoken Scripture app aims to help at-risk women

A new audio Bible, voiced entirely by women, is targeted at women who are at risk of abuse by men, in prison or struggling to heal from a past history of abuse. Sadly, a Bible in a male voice may be hard for these women to listen to.

“We want to reach as many women in crisis as possible with the comfort, encouragement, inspiration and hope that they can find in God’s word – without ever turning a page,” states Courage for Life, a women’s ministry created by Ann White.

“When we work with at-risk women, we find that a woman’s voice does not remind them of their abuser’s voice.” – Ann White

Motivated by high rates of single motherhood, physical and sexual abuse against women, and a high number of female prisoners in the United States which is their home country, White and Courage for Life ministry director Kathy Sherwin want their Bible app to cut through the din of life.

“When we work with at-risk women, we find that a woman’s voice does not remind them of their abuser’s voice,” says White, who adds that “gender-specific treatment” is important when caring for women. Courage for Life operates prison ministries in the US, as well as training Christian leaders in parts of South Asia.

Courage for Life claims it has created “the first female voiced audio Bible, Genesis to Revelation … Currently, there are no complete versions of the Bible voiced by a female.”

However, audio versions of the full Bible can be found online that feature women reading God’s word. Other projects are also seeking crowdfunding to create female-voiced audio versions.

Courage for Life has partnered with YouVersion – the world’s most used Bible app – and Tyndale House Publishers, which has granted it the rights to voice the New Living Translation.

Although the impetus for this all-female audio Bible was at-risk women, White suggests the pace of life creates an opportunity for all women to listen to God’s word.

“Women are on the go all the time,” explains White. “Reading God’s word and hearing God’s word are important but sometimes we are in a position where we are a lot more apt to listen to it.”

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