Bite-sized Bible: audiobooks, podcasts and daily emails to help you read the Bible

We all know that reading the Bible every day is no walk in the park. It’s hard work, requiring what can seem like a scary amount of discipline. But churches and authors are trying to help you out by providing bite size reflections on bits of Scripture, that can be digested in just a few minutes. Here are just a couple of new ones:

Towards the end of 2015, radio host and author Sheridan Voysey released a book of 90 Bible devotions borne out of reading the Sermon on the Mount every day for three months. Now, the seasoned radio announcer has released Resilient as an audiobook. Each episode runs for 3-4 minutes, making it short enough to listen to in the shower or while you much on breakfast or sip your morning coffee. Voysey asks, “How can we stay strong when the storms of life hit—when a spouse leaves, a client sues, unemployment strikes, or our dreams fail to come true? Is it possible not just to weather these trials, but bound back even stronger through them?” If you want to know the answer, check out the first week of devotions here, or buy the whole series here.

Church Hill Anglican in Sydney has developed their own mobile app called A Year With Jesus, encouraging their parishioners to take a daily dose of the Bible. The app includes an eight-minute devotion in video, audio, or written format.

Popular blogger Steve Kryger from Communicate Jesus is developing his own resource to refresh your time with God. He wrote about his own journey of 79 continuous days (and counting!) of spending time in prayer and in God’s word for Eternity, which graced the front page of our February newspaper this month. Find out more about his new resource, here.

And there’s Bible Society’s Daily Bible, a short bit of scripture, a reflection, a question and a prayer. It’s not a new concept for Bible Society, but every two weeks the topic and author of the daily Bible emails change, offering fresh takes to keep you interested and thinking. Over the next few months Bible Society will cover topics including infertility, Colossians, being a good neighbour, Easter, and bearing spiritual fruit. Sign up here.