Close look at the Lord’s Prayer with Daily Bible

If you ever wanted to study The Lord’s Prayer line by precious line, this is your opportunity.

From next Wednesday, Bible Society- working with social justice group Common Grace – brings you 48 days of a closer look at Christ’s prayer over Lent.

Why 48 days? “To be praying this prayer is actually to be entering into the pattern of the cross and the power of the resurrection as we learn to get caught up in the life of God. So learning this prayer that the Son teaches, through the Spirit, to the Father, we don’t actually think 40 days is long enough,” says Jarod McKenna, National Director of Common Grace.

If you’ve signed up for Bible Society’s Daily Bible service, you’ll get an email each day with daily reflections on a particular verse of the prayer, including questions and brief reflections from prominent Bible teachers across various denominations including Catholic, Baptist, Hillsong and Anglican. Each week one of these Bible teachers will unpack a single verse of the prayer,  offering daily meditations on a different aspect of it.

“Praying the Lord’s Prayer daily has been an ancient Christian practice, to stop and actually think: what’s God on about and how do our lives actually fit in with what God’s up to?” says  McKenna.

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Image: Flikr, Mario De Carli