Six very different comments from Christians on the election

“Australia should not build its roads at the expense of peoples lives.” — Fr Frank Brennan, referring to the Coalition plan to cut foreign aid to pay for infrastructure projects, speaking at the Australasian Religious Press Association conference on Saturday

“The new government will do well to remember the importance of the Bible in Australia’s history and for many Australians today. It teaches us to pray for our leaders, and that’s what Christians around the country will be doing on Sunday morning for Tony Abbott and all of our representatives.” — Bible Society CEO Greg Clarke

“The people of Australia have rejected the Labor Party’s proposal for homosexual marriage and have suffered a record election loss as a direct result. Seats that have been held for decades by the Labor Party have changed hands. As Bob Hawke used to say, “The people of Australia always get it right”. — Warwick Marsh, co-founder of Dads4Kids, press release.

“Dear Tony,
Congratulations! We continue to pray for you.
But just so you know: all that stuff about cutting $4.5b from the foreign aid budget – that’s one pre-election promise we don’t mind if you break.
John” — John Dickson of the Centre for Public Christianity on Facebook

“Mr Rudd’s bullying of a Christian pastor on Q&A in the final week of the campaign made Australians feel uncomfortable with the consequences for freedom of speech and freedom of belief should the law on marriage be changed” — Lyle Shelton, Managing Director of the Australian Christian Lobby, press release

“Will this Coalition victory usher in the millennium? Bring heaven to earth? Solve all our problems? No, no and no. But it will stop the rot for a while. In a fallen world that may be the best we can expect. Politics is always messy, but some parties and policies are less bad than others.” —  Culturewatch