Pray for Syria

Conflict in the Middle Eastern nation of Syria has left the country decimated, and millions have fled to neighbouring countries and beyond seeking safety. There are no signs the conflict is letting up.

On October 17, Open Doors is hosting a Day of Prayer for Syria. It is encouraging individual churches to plan their own events, and will supply groups with resources to help them pray specifically.

Open Doors is working on the ground in Syria, providing for the daily needs of displaced Syrians. The organisation works through the church, delivering food and hygiene packs, winter preparation gear, providing emergency accommodation, trauma counselling and the Bible to those who want it.

Back in Australia, Hillsong’s Bobbie Houston asks, “could a handful of women with compassion in their hearts, empathy in their spirit, and prayer in their mouth change the world or (at very least) put a dent in the plans of an insane (spiritual) enemy?

“Well I am naïve enough to believe they can,” she says.

Her point: prayer is powerful. “It is something we may not fully understand this side of eternity – but if we are obedient, we shall see it unleash its miraculous power.”

You can join the Open Doors Day of Prayer on its Facebook page.