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Read the Bible with… Matt Prater

Where do you live and go to church?


Brisbane, and my church is New Hope Brisbane

Name a Bible character you resonate with and why.

Peter, he was always in the thick of the action.

What are you reading in the Bible at the moment?

1 Samuel & 2 Corinthians

What’s one thing from the Bible that’s stuck in your brain at the moment?

Proverbs 10:19 When words are many sin is not absent, but he who guards his tongue is wise.

Describe one of your Bible reading failures and what you learnt.

I used to rush through my daily readings, but now I take my time and actually learn and remember things.

What advice would you give someone struggling to read the Bible each day?

Start little by little. And study the word before you get on social media.

And just for fun, if you were a monster what would be your defining feature?

I would carry a Hungarian stomach pump with me wherever I go.

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