The people of Syria need your help

As a war-torn Syria faces an uncertain future and a death toll nearing 40,000, Bible Society has committed to distributing Bibles to those who remain in Syria, despite the growing risk.

Working with the Bible Society on the ground in Lebanon and Syria, Bible Society Australia is desperate to help in any way we can, says Bible Society Australia CEO Greg Clarke.

Relief packages of blankets, food and other essential items have been distributed to 2,000 refugee families so far, and more are on the way. Included in the packs are Scripture tracts telling of God’s faithfulness in times of trouble, and also copies of the New Testament.

Watch an interview with Dr Mike Bassous who oversees the Bible Societies in Syria, Lebanon and Iraq and see the need firsthand.

Bible Society is ready to distribute another 1,000 relief boxes at a cost of AUS$30 per box. There is also urgent need for funds for the distribution of Bibles in Syria, as well as to cover the increased transportation costs in these dangerous conditions.