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Things to ponder this Father’s Day


We’ve collected a few links from across the web relating to fatherhood and Father’s Day, capturing everything from the purpose of Fatherhood to the grief of growing up fatherless. If you know of other good links, why not post them on our Facebook page for other’s to see?

Rejoicing and Mourning on Father’s Day – How to do both well, on this day that is joyous for some and painful for others.

Is Fatherhood Fading out? – How the church can respond to the increase in fatherless families.

The nature of God as our Father –  We can never ask too much of God.

Let’s give fatherhood a better name – Dads teach kids to take smart risks. The importance of men to families.

Grieving as a Father – How to deal with the loss of a child.

Sermon series on Fatherhood by David Wilson – Fatherhood and Pleasure, What Fatherhood is for, Repentance and Fatherhood and many more.