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Top of the Blogs this week

First German Jew Charged With Practicing Judaism Stand Firm in Faith, David Fischler

A German court recently ruled that circumcision of infant boys violates the “fundamental right” of children to “bodily integrity.” We now have the first fallout from this assault on religious freedom, according to the Times of Israel: “For the first time, criminal charges have been pressed against a German rabbi for performing circumcisions, a Jewish weekly reported on Tuesday.” Read more…>

Humility. Where it came from and the significance of stinky feet.Faith like a mushroom, Claire van Ryn

“Pre-Jesus, culture was enshrined in an honour-shame system. That is, one strived for public honour as the zenith of success and power, no matter what the cost to others. Shame was the polar opposite. To be shamed was like societal death. When you understand this, the overarching paradigm that Jesus was born into, it brings new light to his words and example.” Read full blog here…

Landing on Mars and the Life of the Neuron – The Incredible CreationDavid Ould

Great science points to a great creator. Ould reflects on Psalm 8:1-4 in light of recent scientific success. Read full blog here…