165 years of learning in community 

Paul gave Timothy the task of entrusting the gospel message to those who are qualified to teach others (2 Timothy 2:2). This has been the core business of Moore College for 165 years.

As a theological college, we train and equip men and women to proclaim Jesus with an educational model centred around the gospel. It has been fostered and developed through living in community, and encouraging missional and theological thinking.

Dean of Women, Tara Stenhouse talks about community at Moore College.

At Moore College, theological education is faithfully passed on by faculty to help College students grow in their ability to communicate the whole counsel of God. One way this is achieved, is through preaching workshops, where students give talks and receive valuable feedback from experienced faculty members and others.

Former student and Assistant Minister at Grace City Church Waterloo, Charles Cleworth, says that “theological education is indispensable as preparation for ministry” and “although theological education is only one component of what is needed to prepare for a lifetime of ministry, it underpins every other component of training”.

Charles’ theological education, rooted in the gospel of Jesus Christ, is driving and shaping all that he does in ministry. For our students, theological education is honed through living and studying together in community at College. The students bond together over their shared goal of proclaiming the Lord Jesus.

As a like-minded community, students come together to learn and grow. They equip themselves with skills and experiences that will be useful in  a lifetime of ministry after College. This is something that AFES worker in Tasmania, Elsie Anderson, found valuable during her time at College, especially now as she walks alongside local and international students to share Jesus with others.

Winnie learned at Moore College to “listen to other people’s viewpoints, whether or not she agrees with them”.

Living on the Moore College campus, she came to realise the importance of living and learning in community. Elsie says, “There is something unique about a theological education that means not only is your thinking being formed and challenged, but also your character.”

Likewise, Winnie Mason, AFES worker in Canberra, also shared that her time at College taught her the skill of being able to “listen to other people’s viewpoints, whether or not she agrees with them”. A key element of training at Moore College is the developing of Christian character, which students build up through living and studying in community together.

Missional thinking is an important part of all areas at College, as students sharpen their understanding of mission from the Scriptures and align their prayers to that mission.

Mission is embedded in much of what happens in daily life in community, and in the teaching curriculum at College. This is seen during Mission Awareness Week, where the students are encouraged to be looking outwards, as external mission agencies come on campus sharing their experiences and wisdom from the field.

Karina Brabham, missionary in training with the Church Missionary Society (CMS), says that she “loves how the gospel is at the heart of so much of what happens at Moore College, it reminds [me] of the truly good news which everyone needs to hear”.

In God’s kindness Moore College has been answering Paul’s call to entrust the gospel to others for many years.

Moore College continues to make mission thinking integral to all aspects of training at College.

We give thanks to our great God for the 165 years that Moore College has been equipping people to think missionally and theologically, as well as fostering growth of its students by having them living in community.

We praise God for the Alumni of the College who have been shaped by their time training here, and who are now sending the next generation of students to College to be equipped to pass on what is of first importance.

In God’s kindness Moore College has been answering Paul’s call to entrust the gospel to others for many years. Would you join me in asking our great God, that he would continue to bring many men and women to be equipped to take the word out, through their time at Moore College.

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