A murderer finds Jesus, a Hindu is saved, an Ice addict leaves hell

Eternity farewells one of our best, Anne Lim

Type Anne Lim into Eternity’s search function and 403 articles come up. These stories – plus many more – are the legacy of five years’ of creativity and professionalism which Anne has devoted to our readers.

Now, Eternity is sad to say goodbye to this key part of our team as Anne retires from her role as a staff writer here.

“She’s a resurrection journalist,” says Eternity’s Editor John Sandeman

Anne has had a long and successful career in journalism. After arriving in Australia from the UK in 1980, she landed roles at the West Australian in Perth and at news agency AAP, where she joined the media throng in “the old” press gallery in Canberra. She then spent 23 years working for The Australian in Sydney, where she excelled as a feature writer.

Over her five years at Eternity, Anne’s captured the compelling story of Christine Caine and wrangled Tim Winton’s genius into words. She’s conveyed the complex spiritual journey of author Christos Tsiolkas (The Slap, Damascus), and finessed the poetic lilt of Ann Voskamp – author of One Thousand Gifts – into a feature story.

She’s revealed the essence of Aboriginal Christian Ossie Cruse, created a snapshot of landscape photographer Ken Duncan and taken on one of journalism’s greats – The Australian’s Foreign Editor Greg Sheridan – about his book God is Good For You.

She’s even been invited to Government House to interview the then NSW Governor, His Excellency General The Honourable David Hurley AC DSC (Ret’d) and his “dainty, bright-eyed and stylish” wife Linda.

But it’s not just the “famous” who Anne has painted deftly into words. She has told the stories of countless “ordinary” people who have encountered the extraordinary love and grace of Jesus Christ – drug addicts, prostitutes, murderers, radical Muslims, parents, schoolchildren, accountants, hip-hop artists, missionaries and the list goes on.

Anne describes this as the highlight of her time at Eternity – “meeting people who have been transformed by the love of Jesus, people such as those who have been suicidal and completely broken, but have been able to put their lives back together as a result of feeling the divine love of Jesus.”

Anne describes the highlight of her time at Eternity as “meeting people who have been transformed by the love of Jesus”

Most of these stories were untold before Anne unravelled the gems within. Others have been told before. But either way, Anne’s expertise as an interviewer and writer has lent them new life.

“She’s a resurrection journalist,” says Eternity‘s Editor John Sandeman. “No matter how many times a story has been told, Anne can bring it to life with fresh insight and clarity. And many of her stories are about people coming to  new life in Christ. ”

“It has been just wonderful to have the opportunity to write the stories that usually won’t get a run in secular media,” says Anne. “I see myself as a conduit to channel people’s stories. I like to represent them faithfully and bring out the beauty in their story.”

Having never worked for a Christian organisation before Bible Society Australia (which owns Eternity), Anne adds: “I’ve also really loved working with an amazing team. I have colleagues who are incredibly supportive of each other, which is so unlike what it is like in a secular newsroom. Here we celebrate each other’s successes.”

So what lies in store for Anne in the next stage of life’s journey?

“I definitely feel like I want to devote the next chapter of my life to living for the Lord. I’ve had this beautiful chance at Eternity to bring both sides of my life together – my professional life and my personal interest in being a child of God and working for his kingdom.

“Now, I’m stepping beyond my professional life to the next phase where I will be more deliberately focused on mission or ministry of some kind.”

To celebrate Anne’s contribution to Eternity, we’re sharing a “highlights reel” of some of her best stories. Here’s the top five, with more to come …

The murderer who found Jesus in jail