A new chapter in Eternity’s story 

Eternity has been a valued part of Bible Society Australia Group for 13 years, and during that time established itself as a leading inter-denominational Christian news centre. The team at Eternity has reported news of faith both good and at times not so good. In that pursuit, they were supported by stories written by faith leaders, and everyday followers of Jesus. It was important news, and it has been a privilege to report it.

When Eternity began it was mainly as a printed newspaper, which at its peak was published monthly. As digital news expanded so did Eternity branching out its website and social media footprint. In the past year, as has been the case each year, Eternity has had more website views and greater social media engagement than ever before. We are grateful to our readers for their support.

The news cycle is an increasingly contentious space, especially given the role that social media now plays. Moving forward we will continue to tell stories, but they won’t be as news-focused. Eternity will bring you great stories from God’s kingdom and faith leaders, and encourage you as you open the Bible. We will seek to serve the church and speak with hope, faith, and love about the issues that affect Christians in their everyday lives.

We are grateful for all the team who have worked at Eternity over the years, and those who will be part of Eternity’s future. Romans 13.7 says give “honour to whom honour is due” and on that note special mention is made of John Sandeman who founded Eternity on his kitchen table all those years ago. Without that leap of faith and obedience Eternity wouldn’t exist. John is a friend, we honour his contribution, and we are excited to see him step into the next season of his life.

Thank you for your support, we are optimistic about the future and grateful to God.


Grant Thomson

CEO Bible Society Australia Group