Adelaide’s Bible Bandit steals mail, leaves the New Testament

One of the most bizarre and unusual examples of “sharing the good news” has been caught on CCTV in suburban Adelaide.

In broad daylight, a woman was filmed stealing packages from a letterbox – and leaving a copy of the New Testament. Eternity has heard of many different ways that people have gone about handing out the Bible, but most don’t involve theft. Perhaps the woman involved needs to take a look at what is written in the New Testament, such as Jesus upholding the “Do Not Steal” commandment (Mark 10:19)

Making no attempt to conceal her identity, the woman can be seen getting out of her bright yellow car and plundering the mail of a Fairview Park resident.

“I felt violated,” the man, whose letterbox was raided, told a Channel 9 reporter. But having several of his parcels stolen wasn’t as strange as the the second half of the Bible being left behind.

Several other residents in the same area of Adelaide have come forward about the “Bible Bandit” since the CCTV footage was aired on social media and news services this week.

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