An experience I wouldn't wish on the Devil

Calling it an experience he wouldn’t wish on the Devil himself, Logan Kunwar, a member of St Paul’s Anglican Church Canterbury, in one of Sydney’s hotspots, has posted a vivid account of his battle with COVID-19.

“Trust me you wouldn’t want to go through this experience,” he wrote on Facebook.

Logan, a migrant from Nepal, was incredulous when every member of his household tested positive two weeks ago.

Logan with his daughter in the Royal National Park before they fell sick

Did we think we will be getting this virus in this amazing country, not even in a million chances? Did we get vaccinated, no and it was too late,” he wrote.

“Now you all who are still thinking COVID-19 is just a hoax or a political agenda, please change your thinking before it gets too late for you. If you are thinking that you are young and healthy, let me tell you, it doesn’t pick and choose. This is very serious and has made my household very, very sick.”

Now discharged home from hospital, Logan gave a vivid account of the progress of his illness:

“Day 1 – it started with an itchy throat and dry cough.

Day 1–3 I was eating and drinking but having a lot of body pain and headaches.

Day 4 – lost sense of taste and smell and stopped drinking and eating and started getting really sick of muscle & joint pains, fever, headaches and cough.

“Getting this virus is not a joke as some of you still think it’s a government conspiracy or some sort of lie.”

Day 5–7 got very, very sick with massive burning pains in my knees to feet, crashing headaches and I couldn’t lift my head from the pillow for 2 days. While I was still sleeping in the morning, I had a soaring fever and pains in my legs and there were moments when I thought I stopped breathing. Two nights in a row I thought that was it and I was going to die.

Day 8 – day 12 I was hospitalised but still not life-threatening. Diagnosed with mild pneumonia and treated with oral antibiotics. From the day I stopped eating and drinking, everything was irritating to me. I was so sick in the hospital that I was lonely, and couldn’t do anything, and felt homesick more than the real sickness. I was discharged from the hospital on the night of day 12. For the last 9 days, I couldn’t work at all. At times, I felt my body has completely given up and I have no strength at all.

Logan Kunwar in hospital

Day 13–16 I started feeling a lot better and feeling a little more hungry. Still no sense of smell and taste. My wife and kids got tested positive 2 days after me and they already have their senses back but not me. I have started slowly getting back to work.

He concludes: “Getting this virus is not a joke as some of you still think it’s a government conspiracy or some sort of lie. I wouldn’t even dare to wish this virus to the Devil … Trust me, you wouldn’t want to go through this experience.”

Logan says he realises his family would not have suffered as much pain as they did if they had been vaccinated.

“So I am pleading to you all to get vaccinated if you haven’t yet and get your families and friends to do the same. I was very careful before we caught this virus but still got it and I didn’t think in a million times that we would contract this virus.

“I am thanking God today as all my close contacts who had to be tested 3-4 times and had to be in isolation for the last 14 days are not sick and are free to go out since last Sunday.

“Please get vaccinated, protect yourself and your loved ones so that we all can have freedom in our communities again.”