Bible Society Australia acquires Christian publisher Acorn Press

Bible Society Australia is pleased to announce the acquisition of Acorn Press, which is one of the liveliest Christian publishers in Australia.

Acorn publishes books that aim to help the everyday Aussie Christian live and relate well with their neighbours.

Acorn’s bestseller, Understanding Jesus and Muhammad, written by Bernie Power, explores who each of these men were, where they came from, what they taught and how they envisioned the future. Power says, “In the light of the current tensions that exist in the world, the future of civilisation may well depend on how humanity responds to Jesus and Muhammad.”

Songs of Jesse Adams by Peter McKinnon is a Christian novel, set in the turmoil of social change and political unrest of Australia during the 1960. It traces the meteoric rise of a boy from the bush – a farmer’s son who breaks away to follow his heart, his dreams and his love of music. It was turned into a theatre production in Melbourne.

“Australian Christianity is quite different, so it’s good to have material published for Australians.” – Kris Argall

The Suburban Captivity of the Church by Tim Foster suggests that for far too long, Australian evangelicals have proclaimed a gospel loaded with the cultural baggage of suburbia: personal security, individual salvation and an other-worldly focus. Foster calls us to venture beyond the picket fence and engage with the cultural narratives around us.

Economics for Life by Ian Harper is an examination of the role economics plays in everyday life. Harper says, “Some people worry about economics and economists. They shake their heads in exasperation. Fittingly, some economists shake their heads at the rest of society. Why can’t other people see the good sense in economics and what economists have to say? I have written this book with these two groups of readers in mind.”

God Next Door by Simon Holt helps Christian readers think about how to reach out to their neighbours with the good news of the gospel. “What if God lived next door? Would you recognise him? Would you talk to him at the fence or avoid catching his eye? Would you love him as you love yourself?”

“We are helping writing be more relevant to Australians’ lives.” – Kris Argall

Announcing the partnership, Bible Society Australia CEO Greg Clarke says “it will greatly support Australian Christian writing while also bringing Acorn’s immense skills and experience to Bible Society”.

Kris Argall, senior editor at Acorn Press, says, “we only need to read some American literature to see that it doesn’t quite address the Australian situation.

“Australian Christianity is quite different, so it’s good to have material published for Australians. Hopefully [Acorn] are giving Australian Christians a voice, giving them a chance to have their own views and perspectives on Australian Christianity published.

“There’s a special flavour and language to the sorts of things we enjoy reading and what resonates with us. So we are helping writing be more relevant to Australians’ lives,” says Argall.

Acorn Press chairman Paul Arnott is also thrilled with the deal saying his board “is delighted with the Bible Society’s acquisition of Acorn Press”.

Reverend Arnott says the reason Acorn began 37 years ago was “to publish inspiring and challenging books by Australia Christians”. He believes the partnership with Bible Society will ensure that a vital publishing avenue will remain open for Australian Christian authors.

Dr Clarke says while the Bible will always be at the heart of its publishing endeavours, Bible Society is keen to encourage strong Christian writing which points readers towards greater engagement with the Good Book.

Under the partnership arrangement, Acorn Press will continue to publish under its current name.