Brooke Prentis to leave Common Grace

Brooke Prentis has resigned as CEO of Common Grace for personal reasons, the chair of the Christian social justice movement, Kristyn Crossfield, said today.

The shock announcement comes just two years after Prentis became the first Aboriginal person to lead a national Christian organisation in Australia.

Crossfield revealed that Prentis will pursue a personal project to release a book aimed at helping non-Indigenous people deepen relationships with Indigenous Australians.

In her time as CEO, Prentis helped grow the Common Grace movement which seeks to bring a Christian voice to four key justice areas: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders, creation and climate, asylum-seekers and refugees, and domestic and family violence.

“Highlights from Brooke’s time at Common Grace include seeing the Common Grace movement put #ChangeTheHeart services in their annual calendar, seeing creation and climate justice put on the national and international agenda with ‘Knit for Climate’, and raising a gracious and generous Christian voice in the public conversation through engagement with media, churches, and schools nationally,” Crossfield said.

Prentis was a strong contributor to Common Grace from its early days, including five years as a volunteer as Aboriginal spokesperson. A Wakka Wakka woman, she has been a strong and passionate voice that has inspired many Australians to seek justice for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

Prentis commented: “I have long dreamed of an Australia built on truth, justice, love, and hope. The Common Grace movement, each of you, made me believe my impossible dream is possible. Thank you for your support of me as the first Aboriginal person to be CEO or Leader of a National Christian organisation in these lands now called Australia.

“As I have often said – together we feel less tired and less alone. I will continue to pray and act to make the dream a reality knowing all things are possible with God when we love our neighbour as Jesus commanded and may we see justice flow like a mighty river. May you know and live these things as well as we continue to act together for the common good, discover common ground, and share in common grace.”  

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Crossfield said the board will take time to pray before starting the recruitment process for a new CEO. “In the interim, the Board will support the staff team in continuing Common Grace’s important work of formation and campaigning.”