Colin Buchanan honours Mr Eternity in song, tours Australia

Popular singer/songwriter Colin Buchanan is touring Australia this month yet one of his most recent creations is not the kind of fun, catchy Biblical kids song he is widely known for.

“Like a lot of Sydneysiders my age, I didn’t have direct experience of Arthur Stace – I never saw ‘eternity’ written in chalk around the streets of Sydney,” says Colin Buchanan, who recently penned a song in celebration of 50 years since the iconic street preacher died.

Award-winning entertainer Buchanan told Eternity how he first remembers seeing the word ‘eternity’ pop up on tee shirts and, of course, on the Sydney Harbour Bridge at the turn of the millennium.

“I wanted to underline Stace’s story, and in some ways claim back the true message of what he was seeking to communicate,” explains Buchanan about his commemorative song, Eternity (Arthur Stace).

“The song claims back that he had a hopeless life, he was born into alcoholism – the whole family were alcoholics – he was just a mess. It was when he walked into St Barnabas Church [in Sydney], he encountered the preaching of Robert Hammond.”

Stace later said, “I had no schooling and couldn’t have spelt ‘eternity’ for a hundred quid. But suddenly I began crying and felt a powerful call from the Lord to write the word. It came out smoothly, in a beautiful copperplate script.”

Just as families and fans around Australia are set to be struck again by Buchanan’s engaging ability to share Christianity from a stage, he has been inspired by learning what motivated Stace to publicly declare what was most important to him.

“The power of Arthur Stace’s story is the power of the gospel.” – Colin Buchanan

“As a Christian, I suspected there was some sort of [Christian] foundation,” says Buchanan about Arthur Stace’s incredible life story.

“Arthur was calling people to stare into eternity cause there’s a greater reality beyond death. I suspected that there was a strong story behind it.

“The power of Arthur Stace’s story is the power of the gospel – not simply that his life was transformed, but that the gospel works at micro and macro levels. I think we ought to be encouraged that there’s a Christian story behind that word.”

Colin Buchanan has partnered with Koorong for over 15 years to present annual Colin Concerts that reach tens of thousands of fans with the good news of Jesus in song.

This year, Colin’s special puppet pal, Nudge, will be making a guest appearance, bringing some extra orange furry fun to the show. It’s an all-age celebration of God’s goodness and greatness that’ll see kids and friends, Mums and Dads, grandparents – even teenagers, back to relive the songs of their childhood – sharing an unforgettable experience together. Tour starts Thursday 7th September in Penrith in Western Sydney, and will tour nationally.  

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