College community shows Christ’s love being poured out in droves

Prior to coming to college, I had been at Macquarie University for five years. University was an incredibly formative time for me, as I came to grips with my struggles in academia, and my passion for genuine discipleship and mentoring. I did an AFES Apprenticeship in those last two years at Macquarie and found it thoroughly joyful and challenging. Among the highs and lows, I definitely saw the bigger picture of God’s Word at work on campus and in the lives of the students. It kept me humble and kept me keen to continue being a part of God’s work.

Coming to college felt like the logical step after finishing my AFES Apprenticeship. But why should that be the case, and why Moore? I had no immediate answers before coming to college. Answering the second question was much easier; Moore had a reputation of being a thorough and challenging theological college, and I knew I needed to be challenged and pushed in the way that I think and in the way that I work.

My college experience has been … challenging in thinking, in reading, in detail, in articulation, in consequence, and all in regard to handling God’s Word faithfully and carefully.

The first question was harder to address. Although I started my apprenticeship with the expectation and hope to go on to do further biblical study, I wondered why I should stop what I was already doing, and also address my anxieties about returning to study. But in order to be better equipped for the sake of future gospel work and for those I will serve in the future, I applied to Moore towards the end of my apprenticeship.

My college experience has been holistically challenging; in thinking, in reading, in detail, in articulation, in consequence, and all in regard to handling God’s Word faithfully and carefully. But that was expected. Overcoming my anxieties about studying was the harder task and was not going to be easy and definitely not going to be accomplished alone. I’ve found that one of the most impelling elements has been the community at college.

Through the college community, I have seen Christian love for each other poured out in droves, as we support one another in our study and in our ministry, studying and serving together—where one succeeds, we’ve all succeeded, and where one fails, we’ve all failed.

Although I try to remain open to the possibilities of serving the Lord wherever, my current passions are university students, and also third-culture individuals, especially Australian-born Chinese. The tentative plan is to return to the university context, to preach and teach the Word faithfully and clearly, so that we might present everyone as mature in Christ.

Moore College’s undergraduate study applications are due November 30 before an admin fee applies. We’ve made the application process easy for you. So please get in contact with us today.

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