Cory Bernardi shuts the Australian Conservatives

“Christian parties” disappear after Morrison win

Senator Cory Bernardi has announced the closure of the Australian Conservatives political party. The party with high profile Christian Senate candidates Lyle Shelton in Queensland and Sophie York in NSW failed to gain many votes in the May Federal Election.

“The inescapable conclusion from our lack of political success, our financial position and the re-election of a Morrison-led Government is that the rationale for the creation of the Australian Conservatives is no longer valid,” Bernardi has written to the party supporters.

“Accordingly, I will shortly begin the process of formally deregistering the Australian Conservatives as a political party.

“No doubt this will come as a disappointment to those who have shown so much support over the past two years, but in light of the circumstances, it is the wisest course of action.”

The rise to power of a Pentecostal PM Scott Morrison, in hindsight, spelt the end for the Australian Conservatives.

Rather than the election campaign, the effect of the leadership change in the Liberal Party was the key event, Bernardi notes. “The fact that over 22,000 people formally joined the Australian Conservatives in our first year demonstrated just how badly the Coalition were haemorrhaging supporters who wanted their enduring values and traditional principles upheld.

“However, the decision to make Scott Morrison Prime Minister truly changed the political climate and our political fortunes.”

Eternity understands that at least one of the party’s high-profile senate candidates will also seek to rejoin the Coalition. It is likely that most of the party activists will seek to join the Liberals, following the pattern of Victoria.

Another conservative party, the NSW-based Christian Democrats will hold a state council meeting on July 13, the first since the last meeting entered in chaos after the leader of the party youth wing moved a vote of no confidence in the board.