Finding faithful Aussies on a road trip in a Holden Ute

Olive Tree Media, the team behind the award-winning Jesus the Game Changer and Towards Belief series will be creating a new series in 2021. This time it will be produced in Australia.

When the team created Jesus the Game Changer Season 2, they travelled to 14 different countries but with the COVID-19 pandemic travel restrictions, the team decided to focus on Australia.

CEO of Olive Tree Media, Karl Faase said: “For a couple of years we had considered producing a series filmed in Australia and focused on Australia. The COVID-19 pandemic now gives us the opportunity to pursue that vision.”

The new series, called Faith Runs Deep, will seek to demonstrate the depth of influence of the Gospel message on Australia.

The team will be driving from the cities to the outback of Australia, unearthing the stories from history and today of people whose lives have been changed by Jesus and who have deeply influenced this nation.

They’ll be discovering where faith runs deep across Australia.

As the series will show, there are many stories in Australia’s Christian history to celebrate – but it is not a perfect story. While there are moments to celebrate, sadly there have also been failures, particularly with the Indigenous peoples of this land. But even out of these failures, there are signs of hope.

For Faase, the Australian author Roy Williams encapsulates his motivation for the series in this way: “Like many Australians of faith, I am sick of being told that religion’s influence upon our country has been either minimal or malign.” (Post God Nation)

Faase points out that there are a significant number of men and women who have and are making remarkable contributions to this country and its people because of their Christian faith. This series will seek to demonstrate that even though Australia is often spoken about as a secular nation, in reality, faith runs deep.

The series will be hosted by Faase as he travels from the cities to the outback in an iconic Holden ute.

The team are encouraging people from across Australia to get involved right from the start. There will be opportunities for ‘meet and greets’ with Faase and the crew as they travel from location to location. Karl said: “I’m looking forward to meeting people along the way. People can sign up to receive regular updates and be part of the team as we create Faith Runs Deep.”

If you would like to follow the progress of the production, to know times when you can meet the team and to receive regular updates, go to