God and the power of your vote

I had a conversation recently with a person who was disappointed with a politician and wanted to know why the political party didn’t just remove or “sack” politicians who are, let’s say, underperforming.

I replied that once a person gets elected by the people, the political party the person belongs to loses all power to influence the person. Politicians are not paid by the political party, but by the parliament.

… The person is empowered by an unmovable authority – we the people have voted them in.

Once elected, the person becomes effectively employed by the parliament, but the person is empowered by an unmovable authority – we the people have voted them in. Once voted in nothing (apart from committing a crime) can remove them except when we the people remove them. This is the implicit strength which undergirds our democracy and freedom.

Imagine the chaos if political parties could just remove elected politicians. A party can remove them from a particular office, but the person remains in parliament. It is one of the inherent strengths and weaknesses of our system that a prime minister can be removed as prime minister by the party – but when Malcolm Turnbull was removed as Prime Minister, he was not removed from Parliament. He was elected by we the people and he had every right to stay, but he chose to resign whereas Tony Abbott chose to stay.

Yet it is also a strength. If a prime minister became a tyrant, they can be removed from office by the party. This cannot happen in the United States of America as they directly elect the president whereas we do not directly elect the prime minister or the premier of any state.

If political parties were not able to remove politicians from particular offices such as leader of the party, then they may take greater care in choosing who they appoint as leader and the revolving door of musical chairs would end.

God was there in the beginning of our nation, the Constitution preamble states “the people … humbly relying on the blessing of God”. Yet God seems to barely rate a mention now, even by Christians in how they vote.

Unfortunately, the major parties are now secular in their culture and policies.

Your vote is your absolute right.

Your vote, the vote of we the people, is so powerful and immovable that it is upheld by the very Constitution of Australia, and the intrinsic power of how we the people vote is the implicit strength which undergirds our democracy and freedom. Anyone trying to interfere with your vote can spend years in jail.

Your vote is your absolute right. Your vote can remove prime ministers, remove whole governments, and importantly your vote can preserve our Christian foundations in society by voting for a party which will stand unashamedly for Christ in government.

In NSW, there were moves to remove the right to plant churches by removing the “place of worship zoning” and this was supported tacitly by both major parties. It was only the deciding vote of the Christian Democratic Party CDP which preserved the right for church planting.

If your heart is with voting for a major party in the lower house, be sure to vote CDP on the big white paper – Upper House Legislative Council.

On March 23, we the people of NSW will vote on who we want in government. As you cast your vote in NSW, on that ignoble Saturday, it may be said your vote are your pearls.

Remember what Jesus said about casting your pearls …

Craig Hall is the State Director & National Director, Federal Secretariat of the Christian Democratic Party. He has degree in Economics, M. Arts & M. Research in Christian studies and is completing a PhD.

* This is a sponsored story. Eternity’s policy is not to endorse political parties.

A message from Paul Green and voting for Christian values

For the past 8 years, The Christian Democratic Party has held the balance of power in the NSW Government Upper House. This has allowed us to keep Christian values in the NSW Parliament.

I encourage you to vote for me, Paul Green, the Christian Democratic Party (CDP) on 23 March 2019 to keep Christian values in NSW Parliament. A vote for Paul Green and the CDP will mean a safe vote, with a party that has been trusted for more than 35 years.


I believe that all people were created with the same dignity and value. That’s why I’ll fight to put people at the centre of NSW healthcare.


It is important to me that our kids get the great education and values they need for a brighter future:

  • I will fight to protect school Scripture (SRE) classes.


I’ll fight to preserve our family Christian values so future generations can benefit from the values that have built our country:

  • I will introduce the Religious Freedoms Act, keeping The Lord’s Prayer in Parliament; and, oppose Islamic Sharia Law.

The CDP has been trusted for more than 35 years.

We’ve seen what happens when the major parties get too much power. The CDP will uphold the values that have made Australia the great free nation we enjoy. Vote 1 Paul Green and the CDP on 23 March 2019!

* This is a sponsored story. Eternity’s policy is not to endorse political parties.

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