‘I believe it’s a targeted attack’

ACL managing director Lyle Shelton believes it’s too early to rule out political and religious motivations

Managing director of the Australian Christian Lobby, Lyle Shelton, is convinced that the car bomb that exploded outside the Canberra office late Wednesday night was a targeted attack.

“I don’t know the motivation of the attacker, but I do believe it’s a targeted attack,” Shelton told Eternity.

“I’m concerned about the police response … I’m convinced that the police have ruled out political, religious and ideological motivations too hastily.”

“I don’t think it’s Muslim extremism.” – Lyle Shelton

Shelton believes it is too early in the investigation to rule out other motivations, or to simply say that it was some random person looking for somewhere to commit suicide.

“I don’t think it’s Muslim extremism, but I also don’t think it was someone who was randomly trying to blow themselves up.”

The staff of the ACL are all shocked and “deeply unsettled” by the attack. “We are concerned for the driver of the vehicle, and are praying for his recovery and his family,” says Shelton.

Moving forward, Shelton says they will clean up the building, and look at increasing security.

“We’ve already [increased security] a bit, because we’ve had death threats this year, which has been very distressing.”


Some prayer points to help

Pray for transparency as police continue to investigate the ACL office bombing.