Marked by eternity


Elisabeth Walley is a pastor at Hillsong Church in New York City and did her ministry training at Hillsong International Leadership College in Sydney.

And she’s marked by eternity. Literally. As in, she has a tattoo that reads ‘Eternity’.

Elisabeth explains that when she first came to Sydney, she felt as though she saw a copy of Eternity News everywhere she went. As a result, God began to speak to her heart about living a life that counted in eternity.

She began reading a book that again inspired her with a purpose that extended beyond this world. After that, she discovered online the story of “Mr Eternity,” Arthur Stace.

He was an underclass battler, former drunk and criminal who was impacted one day, in Burton Street Baptist Church, Sydney, by the preaching of John Ridley, the Australian evangelist. Stace said, “He was preaching on Eternity. And he said these words, ‘Eternity! Eternity! Where, oh where, will you spend eternity?’

“And the Lord laid it on my heart, there and then, to go out and write ‘Eternity’.”

For 30 years, from the 1930s to the 1960s the pavements of Sydney, as well as country New South Wales, Newcastle and Melbourne, were marked by Stace’s distinctive copperplate script, as he wrote the word ‘Eternity’ in yellow chalk.

When Elisabeth read Stace’s story, she says “that sealed it” and she determined to be a person like him, who not only lived with an eternal perspective, but who pointed others to the same.

Once her studies were complete and she was ready to return home, Elisabeth decided to get a tattoo to remind her of eternity and how God had spoken to her during her time in Sydney.

She came up with a design that combined Stace’s handwriting with another and (with only an hour or so’s needling pain) her arm was forever marked with Eternity, for all the world to see.

Here at Eternity News, we’re looking forward to hearing Stace’s response to it all when they both meet up in eternity one day.

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