New Lego competition to build your own creation from Genesis

Miss LEGO Masters? A new Lego-building competition judged by LEGO Masters season contestants and favourites Lyn and Matt might be just what you need.

The creators of the new competition – called The Big Family Build – are Zenos Media, a new Australian Christian media initiative that seeks to encourage creative ways of sharing the good news of Jesus. Jenny Hanslow, one of Zenos Media’s creative directors, says the competition is just one part of a larger ‘Art in August’ campaign.

“We want to encourage Christians to engage in activities they wouldn’t usually do and start to thinking about ways they could integrate creativity into church and worship. Many churches aren’t good at using the creative gifts in their church setting enough.”

Jenny says she hopes the Lego competition in particular helps families come together for a less traditional form of devotion.

We want to encourage Christians to engage in activities they wouldn’t usually do.

“Often family devotions can be difficult, and traditional ways of sitting around the table, reading Bible passages and answering questions, doesn’t necessarily work in modern family life or suit all families. So we’re encouraging families to get together to build Lego, to still look at a passage from the Bible but in a different way.”

Lyn Cramb, a retired child health nurse and former missionary with her husband to Papua New Guinea told Eternity during her time on season one of LEGO Masters that entering the television reality TV game show with her grandson Matt (at his invitation) cemented their already-close relationship. She said it was a privilege to be on a family-friendly show that allowed people to express their God-given creativity. Her role as a judge for the Zenos Media competition is to look for families who are having a great time together, and for how clearly they’ve represented their chosen Bible passage.

Matt, 17, was the more technically minded of the duo on LEGO Masters. He says, as a judge, he’ll be looking for builds that “look really good and have great technical ability.”

To enter, families must build a Lego creation based on the Book of Genesis (the first book of the Bible). The creation can be based on a scene, character, theme or passage from Genesis, and must be made by at least two members of the same family. Deadline for Entries is August 25.

The Big Family Build from Zenos Media on Vimeo.