Our Christmas gift guide

If your Christmas shopping is stuck in a rut and you find yourself resorting to vouchers or hampers every year, fear not. Eternity has taken the stress out of Christmas shopping with our ultimate 2019 Christmas gift guide. Our selection of gifts covers all bases: Christian, ethical, interesting and Christmassy. That should keep everyone happy!

Something Christian

Set of 10 laser-cut wooden ornaments celebrating the various names of Jesus

Comes in a natural finish, boxed up ready for Christmas. $50 for the set with free shipping to anywhere in Australia. Available from Etsy

Names of God Ornaments from 'He Shall Be Called' available via Etsy.

Something for the book lover

Metanoia by Anna McGahan

A memoir of a body, born again. Perhaps we have done to our bodies what we have so long done to God? We have let vessels of peace be used as rubbish bins, weapons and punching bags. Available from Koorong for $19.99 and selected book stores. Metanoia: A memoir of a body born again by Anna McGahan

Woven by Joel McKerrow

This is is not a book of cookie-cut spirituality. It is not a book of answers, nor programmable spiritual growth. This book is a question. An invitation. A beckoning toward movement and allowing your world to be shaken. Available from Koorong for $19.99 and selected bookstores.Woven by Joel McKerrow

Something for the poetry lover

Moments and Memories by Barry Chant

This gift book features a unique collection of poetry from Australian Pentecostal writer Barry Chant. The poems cover topics including the Bible, nature, worship, ministry, times of disappointment and discouragement, and special seasons such as Christmas and Easter.

According to Chant, “This volume is for those moments when you just want to be diverted for a while into the vast, boundless, wonderful realm of the imagination, the window of the heart and the soul. I hope this will be your experience.” Available from Koorong for $22.95.Moments and Memories by Barry Chant

Something Christmassy

Bush Church Aid traditional pudding in Christmas wrapping (500g)

A traditional style, handmade pudding, boiled in a cloth and made by the Newcastle Pudding Lady. Proceeds support the work of Bush Church Aid in sharing Jesus with people in remote and regional Australia. Available from Bush Church Aid for $30.00.

Something for the kids

Kids’ short sleeve t-shirt in navy with various print colours

Support Australian farmers with by giving the little one in your life this cool tee. Available from Love Thy Farmer for $29.95.

Something special

Got the budget to spend up big on a really special gift? English company Vitae London have made buying a beautiful watch into a social good by partnering with NFPs in sub-Saharan Africa.

Each watch purchased from their classic range sees a child through the year with either: two school uniforms (so kids who’d otherwise be turned away from school, in their own clothes, are admitted); or, a solar light (so kids in rural areas without electricity don’t have to walk for hours for a street lamp, or burn harmful fuels such as kerosene to study at night).

Watches begin at $282 (approx). Available from Vitae London.Watches by Vitae London.