Palm Sunday a day to rally for refugees

Next Sunday, Palm Sunday, which recalls the triumphal entry of Jesus into Jerusalem is a reminder of God’s kingdom drawing near. It is a day when many Christians reflect upon the gap between the kingdom that is on its way and our present time.

Common Grace, a justice ministry, is suggesting that Christians attend rallies around the country calling “for justice and dignity to be shown towards refugees here in Australia and for people seeking asylum around the world.”

“This Palm Sunday we consider how to celebrate the coming of God’s kingdom through advocating welcome for those who are poor, persecuted and mourning.”

Today, there are still around 260 people held against their will in Papua New Guinea and Nauru, according to the national #TimeForAHome coalition. Over 1000 women, men and children have been transferred to Australia for critical medical treatment and continue to live with uncertainty about their visa status. Over 100 of those people are held in locked immigration detention centres and ‘alternative places of detention’, such as the Park Hotel Melbourne and Kangaroo Point Hotel Brisbane. (Full statistics from the Refugee Council are here)

Common Grace suggests several practical ways for christians to show support.

  • Find your local Palm Sunday rally (in person or online) for the 28th of March. These rallies have been organised by the national #TimeForAHome coalition and include regional as well as capital city events.
  • Pray. Common Grace suggests we pray for:
    Those held against their will in onshore facilities, unable to be visited by relatives, friends and supporters.
    Those detained in PNG and on Christmas Island.
    For those in Authority and for religious, business and community leaders to serve with justice and respect for all
  • Leran more about the Time For a Home campaign, which Common Grace has joined as one of 140 community groups.