Some prayer points to help

These prayer requests are provided by Ken Spackman, CEO of the Anglican Diocese of Melbourne, who is currently in Mallacoota, where the massive impact of the bushfires is far from over:

  • Give thanks to God for continued safety and for rain for those traumatised by fire and smoke.
  • Pray for clear skies to facilitate the hundreds still needing evacuation from Mallacoota.
  • Pray for safety for road-clearing gangs trying to provide safe passage for those cut off by fires and fire damage.
  • Pray for comfort for those who continue to be isolated in communities cut off by fire.
  • Pray for comfort for those who have lost everything, and give thanks for their continued work and service to community despite their grief and loss. Pray that they will find support and comfort when they rest and take stock of all that they have lost.
  • Pray for emergency services and personnel supporting the community, that they would find strength, resilience and rest while they care for others ahead of self.
  • Pray for residents across East Gippsland and other regions of Australia who have lost livelihoods and summer income, that they would be supported through the long recovery that they face.
  • Pray that amidst suffering in the faces of all that we meet we would see and reflect Christ and despite our circumstances, be His example to those that we serve.