Spreading joy in your street

A new movement of mobile music can bring Christmas cheer to communities

Carolsbystreetlight.org is a website whose address is their message: let’s sing carols up and down our local streets. Founded in Adelaide, the idea has made its way to Tasmania, Sydney and Melbourne. “A couple of years ago I heard the sound of a few carollers in my street,” remembers Carols by Streetlight founder Astrid Priest.

“I’d never heard carol singers in a street before and I found it really moving. It made me wonder: What would Christmas be like if all the streets of Australia were filled with the joyful sound of carols? Would it bring back the true Christmas joy? Well, I shared the idea and there is now a movement amongt Christian churches of all denominations to sing the Christmas story into the heart of the community during the week before Christmas.

“It creates a really fun, festive and friendly atmosphere.”

“We’ve often found people coming out of their houses to listen and say ‘Hi.’ It creates a really fun, festive and friendly atmosphere in the community.

“Imagine how nice it is for a carol group to pause for a song at your letterbox – and maybe bring the Christmas spirit to a neighbour who can’t get out into the community themselves.”

Team member Rebecca Ward adds that “singing carols in the streets is such an uplifting experience and having people come out of their house smiling just made my heart melt.”