Who will you invite to your table this season?

I wonder who you will invite to your table this season? Who will you break bread with?

With more than 4 million refugees from Ukraine (82M worldwide) and counting, our world is seeing another needless catastrophe with large scale human suffering and misery impacting not only Europe but the whole world. A continent that welcomed refugees is left scrambling to care for its own.

FEBC (Far Eastern Broadcasting Company) staff in Ukraine continue to speak hope and life amidst the misery and destruction around them. It truly is the strength of their faith and determination to keep Jesus front and centre despite the odds. They work from bunkers, underground train stations, and toilets, in addition to existing studios.

I pause to think what life looks like for families in conflict regions. Indeed, for many their last meal together as a family is a distant reality…for some it is sadly in the past.

Even as countries wage war, our FEBC teams in Russia and Ukraine stay united in Christ, praying for each other, spreading the Gospel, and supporting communities through relief work.

When you break bread this season, whether at home, church, or work, will you consider the ‘broken and bruised’ families in Ukraine and other conflict regions?

Will you see them as your unseen guests, who are uplifted by your unseen prayers and whose eyes will eventually see the truth of the Gospel?

When you do so, pray for a change in their circumstances, for an intervention that brings peace and a restoration of families.

Konstantine, our FEBC Ukraine Administration Assistant was shot at when helping a family evacuate to a safer area in Kyiv. Praise God he survived and could have been killed considering his bullet ridden car and the shrapnel in his leg that were surgically removed. Konstantine was instrumental in opening the first station in Ukraine.

Sergey Nakul, a pastor and FEBC broadcaster, stayed back in Kyiv to minister to people but also operates in surrounding regions encouraging the body of Christ. He was at the Church in Irpin recently where a mother and her two children were killed in the shelling as they were fleeing their town. Through it all, Sergey stays sharing God’s word with soldiers and providing them with New Testament Bibles.

Igor, who heads up the youth ministry of FEBC, often works and provides updates from a bunker. Olesia, another broadcaster, left Slavyansk in the east and is continuing the work from a safer location. Ina, for now, remains in Kyiv and continues to broadcast.

Please donate today so they can continue to share the Gospel and provide much needed relief. Your donation will also help in funding repairs for damaged equipment or replacing them.

As we partake in meals this season, may I request you to reflect a moment over the suffering humanity in Ukraine and other conflict regions of our world. Invite them, as it were, to your table, say a prayer as though they were with you…along with their separated families. Break bread remembering the ‘bruised and broken’ around the world!

Will you love, give, and save today just as Jesus did for you? Your help through prayer and support for ‘broken’ lives in ‘broken’ countries will encourage, strengthen, and spiritually ‘battle harden’ a faith that will bring lasting freedom and restoration of souls.

“A bruised reed he will not break, and a smouldering wick he will not snuff out. In faithfulness he will bring forth justice;” Isaiah 42:3

Please donate today to help spread the Gospel and provide relief in Ukraine and other conflict regions of the world. OR

You can flip through FEBC’s work in Ukraine here and see our staff in action.

Kevin Keegan, CEO/National Director, FEBC Australia