Top 20 stories of 2022-23: part one

10 inspiring stories of God’s work in Australia and beyond

As the end of the financial year approaches, here are your favourite stories of 2022-23. Since there were so many gems, this is only part one of Eternity’s top 20 stories! Click here to read part two.

Jesus Revolution Creates Waves in Hollywood (1)

“The Jesus Revolution movie, which is in the top 10 movies in Australia and New Zealand since opening on April 20, has sparked a powerful movement of God in Hollywood, according to its director Jon Erwin.”

Director Jon Erwin tells Anne Lim about the impact of Jesus Revolution in Hollywood and beyond.

Andrew Thorburn, Essendon and the toleration of religion

“The fact that Thorburn has never said or done anything injurious to LGBTIQ people did not matter. In the end, Thorburn was judged guilty by religious association…”

Michael F. Bird recounts the Andrew Thorburn saga, exploring its implications for religion and the workplace, the messiness of multiculturalism and the legalities of religious discrimination.

Why the era of the celebrity pastor is over

“When someone’s platform gets exalted beyond their character, there will be an inevitable falling over. When I say that, I’m not pointing at one pastor or leader – we’re all subject to that. No one of us is built for celebrity…”

Michael Murphy, the head of Leaderscape, tells Anne Lim why the era of the celebrity pastor is over, and envisions a better kind of Christian leadership.

Queen Elizabeth II: 70 years of faith and service

“Her seven decades on the throne were characterised by public service and private devotion as she weathered many personal and public storms – the dissolution of the British Empire, political upheavals, national tragedies, family deaths, tabloid scandals involving her children and grandchildren. She appeared to meet all with unwavering faith and resolve.”

The day after Queen Elizabeth died peacefully at age 96, Anne Lim honoured the reign which, for many of us, encompassed our lifetimes.

The cross at Australia's heart needs you

Australian landscape photographer Ken Duncan tells Rebecca Abbott about the spiritual significance of Memory Mountain, which has been called one of the most holy places in the world.

After decades of dreams and visions about a cross at the top of the mountain, many elders approached Duncan, and asked, ‘Can you help us build a cross?’

Inside the Asbury revival

The Asbury Revival had been going for a week when documentary filmmaker Jon Snyder arrived. Although he was early for that evening’s worship, the line of people stretched out the door and down the street.

“The directive that the Lord had given to me,” Snyder told Rebecca Abbott, “was to tell the story of what he was doing over at Asbury.”

Brother Andrew, founder of Open Doors

Secret Bible deliveries behind the Cold War Iron Curtain earned Brother Andrew the title ‘God’s Smuggler’. They also led to Open Doors, a worldwide mission supporting persecuted Christians in more than 70 countries, who live under government, militant and social threats.

After Brother Andrew’s recent death, Eternity honoured the legacy of this respected and beloved leader.

Vanessa Benavente as Mother Mary in The Chosen

Vanessa Benavente – who plays Jesus’ mother, Mary, in the film phenomenon The Chosen – opens up to Anne Lim about the wonder of playing the Mother Mary.

She describes feeling honoured and grateful to portray such an inspiring character, relating to Mary as a mother, but aspiring to imitate her strength and faith.

The man in white who called an Iranian family to follow him

Growing up in Iran, Amin prayed five times a day like all other Muslims, repeating verses in Arabic in an attempt to talk to Allah. After a simple question sparked doubt in Amin’s mind, God didn’t wait long before making himself clear.

Now Amin is pastor of Brisbane’s Grace Persian Church. He told Anne Lim his remarkable story of doubt and revelation, dreams and prophecy, persecution and deliverance. Read how the man in white called Amin and his family to follow him.

David Claydon

Lost, nameless, homeless, fatherless. These were the humble beginnings of a beloved pastor, scholar, missionary leader and international Christian statesman.

After a moving thanksgiving service in Sydney, Anne Lim recounts how a sick, orphaned boy grew into a man after God’s own heart.


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