'Silent Night' video speaks to non-believers this Christmas

A new three-minute video designed to ‘spark God conversations’ this Christmas has just been released by Australian apologetic organisation Questioning Christianity.

The video, titled Silent Night: What Does Christmas Mean?, explores questions about God’s hiddenness that non-believers or those new to the faith might ask, and gives the answer to some of these questions by retelling the Christmas story.

“Our goal in creating content at Questioning Christianity is to help connect the Christian story to life’s deepest questions, and to show the beauty of the gospel in a way that might provoke secular people’s intuitions and longings to point them to Jesus,” founder of Questioning Christianity, Dan Paterson, tells Eternity.

Silent Night tells the Christmas story in a unique way through poetry, and is one of several spoken-word videos themed around Christian holidays produced by Questioning Christianity.

“At special Christmas celebrations like Easter and Christmas we’ve found that these creative approaches, through poetic prose and spoken word, tend to invite newcomers into the art form to consider the message with fresh eyes,” Paterson explains.

We share below the poignant words from Questioning Christianity’s video Silent Night: What Does Christmas Mean?:

Silence. The empty void songwriters tell us that one could hear on Christmas Eve. A silent night, nature’s echo of God’s absence tempting us to disbelieve.

For who amongst us has not wondered in those dark nights of the soul, when through tears, prayers go unanswered and mounting questions take their toll.

Is God there? Does he care? What says heaven to our why? Or are we orphaned in this universe? Has all enchantment left our sky?

But what if silence is just a prelude inviting in the one who seeks? Could the pregnant pause of Christmas Eve be the stage from which God speaks?

Do not the Scriptures tell a story dreamed up before our world began? A nativity whispered by the prophets – history’s grand witness to a higher plan.

Then from beyond dispatched to Nazareth comes an otherworldly being. Gabriel enlisting Mary to break the silence. Through her womb, a miracle decreeing.

For into a universe born of nothing, a string of words undeciphered by night, the creator enters into our story, born of a virgin, to offer heaven’s light. Incarnation – God’s answer wrapped up in humanity. The invisible God became visible as Bethlehem’s sky lit up with song. Shepherds blinded by re-enchanting glory, then by myriad angels hurried along. Finding our maker in a manger, in whose presence their soul first felt its worth.

Eternal son, swaddled in earth’s humility, eliciting waves of glad tidings and mirth. Our cosmos conspiring to spread the news. An epiphany. Magi from the east. God’s Christmas lights of Scripture – Seraphim, star, calling to the greatest and the least.

Christmas speaks, but will we hear it?

For to our doubts born out of silence came a language beyond words. Absence answered by Immanuel – God with us. A voice never to be unheard. Transcending empty explanations. Philosophy eclipsed in flesh by Jesus, heaven’s Christmas gift. Not a why, but a who. Indelible proof of a God who sees us.

So come let us adore him through whom the silent night is passed. Come see this life beyond all shadows in whose dawn your darkness cannot last. Bring all your questions and your doubts. I dare say there you will receive the light of truth in the face of Jesus, who this Christmas, beckons you believe.