Exploring a Christian worldview: From comedy to risk management

Imagine studying a subject you’re passionate about, and being able to approach it from a unique perspective that takes into account the foundational elements of how we understand the world. This is what it means to study from a Christian worldview, and it’s the approach that students take at Morling College when exploring a wide range of topics, from comedy to risk management.

While it may be difficult to find Bible verses that specifically reference topics like risk management and comedy, students at Morling College are encouraged to go back to first principles and explore the foundational elements of how we understand the world. According to Graeme Dunkley, lecturer in Mission at Morling, these elements include Creation, Fall, Redemption, and New Creation.

They also consider how aspects of poetry, sport, or design can be caught up in the new heavens and new earth.

Creation speaks to the original intended purpose of creation and the divine command to develop, explore, and manage creation on behalf of God. Fall addresses how sin has distorted and twisted different areas of life, and how individuals and social systems have been profoundly warped by sin. Redemption focuses on the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus, and how we can participate in the world in ways that reflect his redemptive purpose. Finally, New Creation offers a vision of the future, where everything splendid, honourable, and glorious from all of history is brought together in a gigantic and beautiful city.

As an example, students explore how to ‘redemptively participate’ in fields such as gaming and psychology, continuing the Cultural Mandate while avoiding the sinful distortions of a fallen world. They also consider how aspects of poetry, sport, or design can be caught up in the new heavens and new earth. It’s an exciting and thought-provoking approach to learning that can deepen your understanding of your chosen subject and your faith.

If you’re interested in exploring these questions and ideas further, Morling College is hosting an Open Night on June 22. You can learn more about its courses in Counselling, Chaplaincy, Education, Professional Supervision, Bible and Theology, and how studying from a Christian worldview can enhance your education and help you better participate in the world God has put you in.

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Morling Open Night – Events Details

  • Date: 22 June 2023

Face to face – Sydney and Perth

  • 6:45pm supper
  • 7pm start

Online Event

  • 8pm start