Grandmother at 35 and our God of generations

Today, FEBC Australia would like to share God’s impact across generations and centuries. In this story, you will see how God uses people across generations for his cause.

Meet Salma. Salma is from a Muslim background, attending church in Hindu heartland. (We have changed her name to protect her from the dangers of sharing the gospel openly.)

Life is hard for women and girls of all ages in Salma’s village. Trafficking of girls, child marriage and violence against women is common in this region.

This is where FEBC and its partners make a difference. Over the years, our radio programs have been changing mindsets and challenging paradigms by educating women and girls twice a week and through regular follow-ups.

Salma is a great example of transformation. She started a self-help group by recruiting women from her village and convincing them to invest small amounts every month. Today, Salma runs a grocery shop and a beauty parlour that provide income not only for her family but also families in her village. This was timely, considering her husband had a stroke recently and lost employment as a labourer with the railways.

This same region was part of the former Bengal region, now divided between India and Bangladesh since the partition. It boasts a rich cultural heritage of writers, musicians, and philosophers. Writer Rabindranath Tagore received the Nobel Prize for literature in 1913.

You may have heard of the missionary William Carey, a pioneer in India and a cobbler by profession. There is a great deal else he is known for, too. Think of the first printing press, the social reforms, the seminary, and the many lives he led to the knowledge of God’s saving grace. Carey’s legacy and impact live on even today.

Have you ever wondered how God sees all of this across this vast timeline and the people he uses to shape society, change mindsets, and transform lives in a completely different way from what we trained for, think, or even imagine?

I think of these heroes who gave of their time, resources, and professions for the cause… whether William Carey in a bygone era or an empowered woman like Salma.

Luke 6:38 says, “Give and it will be given to you. A good measure, pressed down, shaken together, and running over, will be poured into your lap. For with the measure you use, it will be measured to you.”

Salma is one example of a life changed and empowered through years of listening to radio programs that focus on God’s values of valuing people, women, and girls.

She is generous with her time and resources in ensuring her community norms improve over time to the standards and values God has for us.

There are many stories of girls and women taking a stand to change mindsets and make significant paradigm shifts. This can only happen because God enables us today – as he did for William Carey and William Wilberforce – to improve the human condition by focusing on God’s values.

Salma, her community, and our partners are changing mindsets for the current and future generations together. And we in this generation are key players in this transformation in partnership with God.

As FEBC continues its work around various parts of the world, reaching communities with the gospel, this is possible only because of prayer and partnership with Christians. FEBC shares the hope Christ provides to nations and peoples far beyond our borders in more than 45 countries.

As we remember and pray for the millions in our world who are caught up in difficult circumstances such as conflicts, emergencies, repressive governments, and isolated places, let us spread the hope, joy and peace that Christmas brings.

You will see many stories like Salma’s on our website, giving you a glimpse of our work among nations and peoples. May God bless you as you bless others this season.

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