Looking for Christmas inspiration? Three reasons Useful Gifts are the answer

Charity gift cards have grown in popularity over the years, but do they really make a difference? For over 25 years, Tearfund’s Useful Gifts have given Australians the opportunity to support life-changing development work that helps people overcome poverty and injustice. Read on for three reasons why Useful Gifts are your answer when it comes to the question of what to give the people in your life for Christmas.

1. They’re a meaningful way to give

We all want to give thoughtful gifts that make a positive impact on the person we’re giving them to, but Useful Gifts are a way to make a difference on some of the most pressing and serious issues in our world, too.

At a time when the world is facing multiple overlapping crises, and – let’s face it, sometimes they seem too big to make a dent in – Useful Gifts provide an opportunity to take small but significant action on the causes you care about. Examples include the gift that Combats Climate Change ($35) – a powerful way of supporting vulnerable communities to build resilience against climate shocks. The Hunger Response gift ($150) helps to restore health, livelihoods and hope in communities hardest hit by hunger and food insecurity. And in a world where school closures due to COVID-19 have placed an estimated 10 million more girls at risk of early marriage in the next decade and at increased risk of dropping out of school, the gift of Girls’ Education ($15) helps raise awareness of the value of girls’ education and provides training and support for teachers.

And, of course, if you’re looking for a gift that can empower a family with a new source of nutrition and income and happens to be incredibly cute as well, check out one of our bestsellers: a goat!

2. They make giving easy

Are you someone who, despite your best efforts, always ends up forgetting a gift for someone? Or would you like to give something that’s not a scented candle or box of chocolates for the office Kris Kringle or your child’s teacher?

Shockingly, Aussies collectively wasted a whopping $572 million on ‘unwanted’ presents. And 53 per cent of Australians received at least one unwanted gift. We can turn the tide on these disappointing trends! Useful Gifts can be easily and safely purchased online, with the options of printed cards, e-cards or even download and print-your-own.

Here’s what some “useful givers” love most about Useful Gifts:

“I use them as gifts for all my grandchildren, who help select them, and it teaches them to care and be aware of others’ needs.”

“Useful Gifts support real people in real need, especially at a time when we are going to excess in many ways.”

“They’re so easy to access, especially the e-cards. A great way to fight poverty, educate others about fighting poverty and share God’s love.”

The Useful Gifts catalogue is full of impactful gifts to suit any budget.

3. They’re sustainable

Useful Gifts are the perfect low-waste, plastic-free, non-cluttering gift! And they’re not only a sustainable way to give, but they support sustainable, long-term change in communities affected by poverty, too. Tearfund’s partners work with communities to address the root causes of poverty and build resilience and long-lasting change.

Cher Sa, who’s pictured above with some other women from her community, is one of countless people for whom Tearfund’s Useful Gifts have made a real difference. Cher Sa and her family live in a remote, mountainous region of northern Laos, where families face the highest infant mortality rates in the country. Community health volunteers trained by World Renew supported Cher Sa with antenatal care, mother and child nutrition education, and access to health facilities.

Tearfund’s Christian partner, World Renew Laos, has helped train and mobilise village health volunteers or traditional birth attendants in 13 villages so that more women are supported before, during and after birth. With confidence and care, empowered women like Cher Sa can go on to actively encourage other expectant mothers with the knowledge and resources that have helped them overcome the obstacles that challenge their babies’ health and survival.

Learn more about Useful Gifts and place your order at usefulgifts.org