Meet real needs this Christmas

Sharing the joy of Christmas

God so loved this lost world that he gave us Jesus, his only Son and our Saviour, on the first Christmas. This gift has brought hope, joy and salvation to all who have received him. Christmas is the perfect time to share this good news with thousands of poor, suffering and rejected people in Africa and Asia and give them practical gifts that can change their lives.

Our mission’s approach to giving this message of hope has been modelled after Christ and his Apostles, which we see in the Holy Scriptures and throughout Church history. The Lord Jesus was incarnated in humanity and lived in a community to redeem all of mankind (see John 1:14). After he ascended into heaven, the Apostles went to other communities with the message of hope, ministering to people through word and deed – and the world was turned upside down!

That’s why our dedicated missionaries go to communities and care for emotional and physical needs. They bring the message of hope through Christ, often in tandem with life-changing gifts provided through this catalogue. Each gift illustrates the wondrous love demonstrated by the Nativity.

Hardworking mother receives a piglet and a blanket

After being abandoned by her husband for 15 years, Belva worked as a labourer to provide for her three children. However, her wages could barely support the family. In their dilapidated house, Belva and her children struggled to stay warm in winter as the Himalayas stared down at them. How could they continue living this way?

Belva began attending the church where GFA Pastor Ramiro preached. Pastor Ramiro learned of Belva’s home situation, and when Pastor Cabot, one of the regional leaders of the church, came to visit and distribute blankets to the village, Pastor Ramiro told him about Belva.

Moved with compassion, Pastor Cabot visited Belva and saw the sad state of her house. Determined to help her, the church provided her with a warm blanket to survive the winter and a piglet as a gateway out of poverty.

“I am thankful to the church for providing me with a piglet and a warm blanket,” Belva said. “I will take good care of the piglet and sell it when it is grown to meet the needs of my children. Once again, thank you very much!”

Through GFA World’s Christmas Gift Catalogue, missionaries can provide income-generating and life-improving gifts to people in their communities who need help. You can give more people like Belva a chance to thrive by giving gifts through GFA World.

You can change lives through Christ’s love

You can take this opportunity to give Christmas gifts this year that change lives by helping an impoverished family earn a living, supplying a struggling community with clean water or equipping national missionaries to serve others more efficiently.

Our GFA World missionaries will lovingly distribute the chickens, goats, buffalos, sewing machines, blankets and other poverty-alleviating items you give to needy families in Africa and Asia.

Imagine… putting a smile on the face of a poor mother who can wrap her infant in the warm blanket you provided, by enabling a father to feed his family thanks to the goats you gave him, or by blessing a new believer with a copy of God’s word in his own language. Whatever is on your heart to give will have a profound, even eternal, impact.

“And the King will answer and say to them, ‘Assuredly, I say to you, inasmuch as you did it to one of the least of these my brethren, you did it to me.’” —Matthew 25:40

Join us in showing God’s love this Christmas!