Training gospel workers for the harvest in these uncertain times

Australian culture’s view of Christianity has shifted dramatically in the past few years.

When the Essendon Football Club can fire its newly appointed CEO because of his church’s mainstream, historical Christian beliefs on abortion and sexuality, you know the culture has changed.

When the Premier of Victoria can publicly call those same beliefs ‘abhorrent’, you know we’re living in challenging times.

And when the mainstream media (and much of Australian society) look at those events and either shrug their collective shoulders or agree with Essendon, you know that our culture has turned a corner.

And many Christians are feeling this change in our cultural air.

Many in our churches feel pressure to stay silent about their faith (after all, they reason, if a CEO can get fired for his church’s beliefs, they could too). And some in our churches are wondering if it’s worth sticking with Jesus – especially those of the younger generation.

How will Christians survive and thrive as God’s people with the pressure mounting on our faith?

Key to the thriving of Christians, churches, and all ministries are well-trained gospel workers: workers who are approved by God, rightly handling the word of truth (2 Tim 2:15).

And this is why Moore College is such a strategic institution. We train gospel workers for the harvest in these uncertain times. 

And let’s face it: good training is vital. Because without good training, leaders are more likely to bend their theology to the fashions of this present evil age (Gal 1:3). Without solid training, many Christians will feel more afraid to share the gospel with those around them. Without training that grounds them in the goodness of the gospel, how will gospel workers shepherd their people in these uncertain times?

The stakes are high when it comes to training gospel workers.

Moore College trains gospel workers for the harvest

For over 160 years, Moore College has been training gospel workers. And we’re continuing this vital work.

I talked to one fourth-year student, Braydon, who spoke about the impact of the college curriculum on his thinking about life and ministry: “In my past ministries, I’ve been very reliant on my gut,” he said. But four years of biblical and theological teaching have changed how he approaches issues.

‘I now think about the Bible as a whole, [which] helps you think through a ministry issue or think about a life problem … slowing down to think biblically and theologically about things is something I’ll now be doing.’

Another student, James, spoke about how ‘immersive’ college is over the four years and the impact of this as he rubs shoulders with faculty and fellow students.

“The faculty are first and foremost Christian brothers and sisters before they are our lecturers, and seeing how they live their lives and how much they value God’s word [has shaped me].”

He continues, “But the other big thing is the student community … For my other university degree, I could count on two hands the number of people I spoke to, let alone got to know … but College is so different. A lot of what I’ve learned has been caught, not taught. I’ve been learning from others and seeing godly examples from brothers and sisters.’

There are many others like Braydon and James – students who have been shaped by Moore College’s immersive, face-to-face experience to become capable full-time gospel workers for the Lord’s harvest.

Will you help us train more gospel workers for the Lord’s harvest?

As our world grows ever more suspicious of Christians and the message of the gospel, as Christians find themselves under more pressure than ever before, would you prayerfully consider giving to Moore College’s End of Year appeal so that we can train more gospel workers for the Lord’s harvest?

Our churches, ministries and our world need well-trained gospel workers who can speak God’s word clearly and faithfully in these fractured times. And Moore College is training this next generation of biblically faithful gospel workers.

Imagine the impact of sending out many, many more gospel workers into the Lord’s harvest.

Moore College helps make that happen!

Will you give to Moore College’s End of Year Appeal to train more workers for the harvest?

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