Colin Buchanan stumbled into success

…but Australia’s No. 1 kids entertainer still thinks people will lose interest in him

Colin Buchanan has become Australia’s best-known family entertainer in the Christian arena, during the past two decades. But the award-winning musician and Play School presenter admits he didn’t know what he was doing when he started out – and he still thinks people will lose interest in him.

“When I first decided to make an album of my kids Christian music, I had no grand plan,” Colin told Eternity during a far-reaching chat about his professional and personal life.

“…there’s just been a really lovely growing momentum and I’m really grateful for that.” – Colin Buchanan

Watch the video to hear Colin share about how and why he became a Christian, a decision that has evidently impacted all areas of his life – including what he does for a job.

Having worked as a teacher before he made the leap to being a professional entertainer, Colin’s musical material had been “hanging around for years”. For example, on his first album of Christian songs for kids – 1996’s Remember the Lord – the song Old Black Crow was written 12 years before it was recorded and released.

Colin has been touring Australia during the past few months, and into 2017, to celebrate his 20 years in Christian music for the whole family. He remains grateful that he has been able to continue with the initial vision he had for his Christian music – “songs for kids about Bible truths and sharing them.”

“I’m still waiting for people to lose interest.” – Colin Buchanan

Reflecting upon the start of his Christian music career, Colin remains humbled by the instant response Remember the Lord received. “It immediately got traction and I was very grateful for that. As a musician and as someone who wanted to bring those songs – and what those sings teach – to kids and families, to know that people were embracing it was very special.”

“And just as recently as yesterday, I said to a friend, ‘I’m still waiting for people to lose interest.’

“Ten years ago, I was thinking that, that people will lose interest in this. Instead, there’s just been a really lovely growing momentum and I’m really grateful for that.”

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