I'm a Climate Change Denier

But not because I can’t read a thermometer

At cinemas this week, An Inconvenient Sequel is the follow-up documentary to Al Gore’s Oscar winner An Inconvenient Truth (2006). Gore continues his international campaigning about climate change but I was taken aback by the new direction he has headed in.

Along with there being much more of Gore on screen, An Inconvenient Sequel heats up the amount of moralising by the former US presidential hopeful. Gore makes some strong claims about links between rising temperatures and economic crisis, civil war – and terrorism. As he encourages people to take seriously what they might do to protect and sustain the planet, Gore uses some surprising resources to build his passionate case.

Coming out of An Inconvenient Sequel left me in the position of being a “Climate Change Denier” … because I deny that global warming is the biggest problem facing humanity.

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