Justin Narayan wins Masterchef 2021 – but it's his classic youth pastor ways we love most

Western Australian youth pastor Justin Narayan (27 years) took out the title of Australian Masterchef 2021 last night – smashing a 5-hour pressure test to triumph over fellow-competitors Kishwar Chowdhury (38) and Pete Campbell (36).

Yet while Justin’s win was the cherry on top of a great two-episode Grand Finale, Justin has actually kept Christian viewers smiling for months now, simply by displaying so many of the classic youth pastor traits we all know and love.

Here’s just a handful of our favourite Justin-the-youth-pastor moments.

In a world of fancy foodies, Justin was super down-to-earth

In fact, he was actually a bit of a dork

He managed to steal the moment without even trying

And you could always count on Justin to bring the pop culture references

Like all youth pastors, he made the occasional mistake of choosing fun over smart

But he wasn’t afraid of laughing at himself

And his humour was just So. Dang. Meme-able.

Justin’s was a classic hero’s journey – from weird underdog to fancy food guy

He brought the deep stuff when it was needed … kinda

And was a natural team leader

Justin even got himself a sidekick/bestie/brother/ partner-in-crime called Pete

And while Justin attempted a little trash talk …

He was just as pumped about other people’s wins – especially if it was bestie Pete

Even in the final round of the Grand Finale (with 250k in prize money on the table) Justin was talking up his competitors

When Justin won he hyped the crowd into doing a weird cheer thing

And then went back to being his usual, humble self – stoked on life, grateful to God