Our best interviews in 2023 – part one

In-depth with international Christian leaders

Eternity has the privilege of interviewing interesting and inspiring Christians every year. You may already have caught up with some of our top stories of 2023 in the two-part series published in June. (If not, click to read part one and part two).

But there are so many more conversations from last year that we would love to reshare with you. We’ll start by sharing our top interviews with Christian leaders from overseas in 2023.

Stayed tuned for the second part of this series – the Aussie Christians you need to read about. 

We hope these stories impact you as much as they did us.

Philip Yancey

Bestseller author Philip Yancey tells Eternity about the gift he didn’t want, the pain of a 50-year family estrangement, the unfairness of grace and more.

Read the story: Philip Yancey on not trusting his body, healing a 50-year family rift and what’s so hard about grace

Pete Greig

Pete and Sammy Greig

“I went from believing that my prayers could save the world to questioning whether they could save my wife,” says Pete Greig, the ‘increasingly bewildered founder’ of global movement 24-7 Prayer.

Read the story: Pete Greig on the global 24/7 Prayer movement and personal battles

Nicky and Sila Lee

Despite falling madly in love as teenagers, the first year of marriage was rough for Nicky and Sila Lee.

The couple, who developed and host the Alpha marriage course that has helped millions, share their secrets to a long and happy marriage, having seen it all.

Read the story: Sharing the secrets to a long, happy marriage

Collin Hansen

Timothy Keller (left) with Collin HansenEternity speaks with Collin Hansen, a close colleague of the late great Tim Keller and the author of Timothy Keller: His Spiritual and Intellectual Formation.

Read the story: The making of Timothy Keller

Kirk Woller

Kirk Woller as Gaius in The Chosen

Would you follow Jesus with your job, your status, your family and your freedom at stake? That’s the question facing Kirk Woller’s character Gaius in season four of The Chosen.

Read the story: Counting the cost of discipleship with Gaius of ‘The Chosen’

Esther Lightcap Meek

Esther Meek

When Esther Lightcap Meek was 13 years old, she found herself wrestling with the question, ‘How do I know that God exists?’

Answers like ‘the Bible tells me so’ only raised more questions for the girl who would become a leading figure in the philosophy of knowledge.

Read the story: How can I be more certain in my faith?

Iona Rossely

Iona Rossely

Iona Rossely is a great storyteller with a great story to tell. Rebelling from religion, skiing for Great Britain and jockeying for Ireland were just the beginning. Her devotional The Unexpected pairs scripture with stories of God’s presence and goodness throughout her extraordinary life.

Read the story: The God of the unexpected

Gladys Mwiti 

A Christian from the age of seven, Gladys Mwiti is an internationally respected and loved author, speaker, psychologist based in Kenya.

It was only when she received her PhD in clinical psychology from Fuller Seminary in the US that she realised what a wonderful psychologist her illiterate mother was in the way she motivated her eight children.

Read the story: Out of Africa: a powerhouse of grace and wisdom

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