Passion of the Christ sequel: 'Biggest film in world history'

Jesus actor Jim Caviezel talks up ‘Resurrection’

Best known for playing Jesus in the unexpected blockbuster The Passion of the Christ, actor Jim Caviezel has confirmed a sequel is underway – and it’s going to be big. Really big.

Speaking with Breitbart News Daily’s Alex Marlow, Caviezel revealed how director Mel Gibson recently sent him the third draft of the sequel’s script. “It’s coming; It’s called The Passion of the Christ: Resurrection. It’s going to be the biggest film in world history,” said Caviezel.

Marlow’s interview with Caviezel ended straight after that “biggest film ever” claim, leaving it unclear what the actor means. Is he referring to the movie’s content – set to focus on what happened next, after The Passion of the Christ ended with a glimpse of Jesus’ resurrection? Or is Caviezel referring to its scale of production or box office prospects?

Whatever he means, Caviezel is right to suggest the Passion sequel will be a big deal, as Gibson’s brutal and poetic 2004 tribute to Jesus’ dying day pulled in more than AU$841 million at the global box office.

Having previously referred to his Passion of the Christ role as “I got to play the greatest superhero there ever was,” Caviezel told Marlow how his personal Christian faith has affected his career since being Jesus.

“I had no choice – I had to defend it. I had to fight to survive. The film exploded. It was off the charts,” Caviezel said.

“You’d think, ‘Oh, you’re going to work a lot.’ No, I didn’t. I was no longer on the studio list. That was gone; that’s a fact.

“What I do as an actor — that’s my skill — it was given to me from God.

“I didn’t give it to myself, but it’s something in which I have a great range at … I really felt that the faith was much bigger than the industry and Hollywood …

“I had a mission; I was called to do [The Passion of the Christ]. And I wanted to make a film that was set in the gospels. And I didn’t want to water it down.”

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